grad certAre you interested in training for your Class A or Class B CDL license? If so, where do you go for such training? What questions should you ask yourself while researching schools? With so many options out there, who is the best? That’s why Roadmaster felt compelled to tell you more about us, as we want you to feel confident about your selection. So go ahead, ask yourself, what is the best school for me? The answer is easy, it’s Roadmaster Drivers School. Here are few fun facts that support that claim 


pic007How long has the Drivers School been in business?Well, that’s a great question. We can’t tell you how many weeks ago the other schools started, as for us? Roadmaster Drivers School opened its first school back in May of 1992 in Tampa, FL. Since then, we have opened 11 more schools nationwide and are continuing to grow every year with more schools coming for your convenience! 



JOSH SLCWhat CDL School has graduated the most students? Again, that’s another stellar question that Roadmaster would love to answer. In today’s world, we live under the impression that recent success is most important versus tradition and history. Given that fact, Roadmaster accepts the challenge and will discuss an accurate number that reflects our recent success. Over the last 6 years, Roadmaster has graduated 32,242 students. That’s not a fluff number, that’s not rounded up or down, that’s the exact number, 32,242! Given that high of a number, you might ask yourself how many of them had successfully achieved job placement, which leads us to the next question!


UNCLE SAMWhat school has the best job placement program for grads? This is one of the most important questions you need answered. You can search online and find schools that offer a lesser quality in training and price, but look deeper. Some of the schools that offer a low rate can’t guarantee job placement. In some cases,  those discount schools fail to train the student properly to the point that the student will have to re-enroll at another school forcing them deeper into a financial money pit. That’s why Roadmaster puts your training first.  Yes, Roadmaster Drivers School offers industry-leading training, but how many of the 32,242 graduated into a job? The answer is over 94% verified. For the record, the other 6% wasn’t necessarily left without a job; some students came to Roadmaster for training to take their license back to their current jobs in the Military.


Does the amount of carriers a school is in partnership with matter? You bet it does. Do you want your drivers school to only have one or two carriers for their job placement? You would figure the more carriers available the more likely the chance for job placement. Guess what, it does! One of the many reasons Roadmaster has such a high percentage of job placement can be attributed to the solid structure set in place with a coalition of the industries best carriers. Here are a few of those carriers that are well worth mentioning. Werner Enterprises, Covenant Transport, Stevens Transport, US Xpress, TMC Transportation Inc., Swift Transportation Co, USA Truck, H.O. Wolding, Schneider National, Roehl Transport, KLLM>Bottom line, Roadmaster Drivers School is one of the most professional CDL trainers in the business. Our company mission is to help people first, and the best way to do that is by providing the best training possible.