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Graduate Testimonials

Read genuine reviews from our graduates as they are happening! This page pulls in actual reviews from Roadmaster graduates across the web and displays them so that you can see what the Roadmaster experience is all about!

James C. Avatar
James C.
Definitely recommend Roadmaster for anyone wanting to become a professional driver. They have a great team that will make... read more - 4/13/2023
Shaqueya W. Avatar
Shaqueya W.
I loved the experience. The instructors taught me everything I needed to know to become a safe and professional CDL... read more - 4/05/2023
chandra m. Avatar
chandra m.
The training was great.The instructors,managers,personal were very knowledgeable, patient, & kind. They encouraged students to never give up ,they took... read more - 3/30/2023
Felix D. Avatar
Felix D.
My experience at Roadmaster was totally exciting and challenging all in one! The instructors Roger, G.O & Big O were... read more - 3/29/2023
Jay S. Avatar
Jay S.
Roadmaster was a great experience. Got to meet good people. The Teachers there was great. They have many years of... read more - 3/24/2023
Tyshon F. Avatar
Tyshon F.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the instructors at Roadmaster. Each instructor is extremely skilled in their... read more - 3/18/2023
Brother P. Avatar
Brother P.
Roadmasters is a great school. The entire staff is dedicated to your success and learning. Each instructor has their own... read more - 3/16/2023
Roi M. Avatar
Roi M.
This schooling facility may not appear like much, but the instructors and faculty make it feel like a place that... read more - 3/09/2023
Dropkick86 Avatar
Recent graduate here and I want to say I had an amazing experience. I didn't have one bad instructor here.... read more - 3/09/2023
Daniel R. Avatar
Daniel R.
Eric, Roland, Riki, And Robert were great teachers 10/10 experience would recommend to anyone trying to get into trucking. Virginia... read more - 3/08/2023
judah L. Avatar
judah L.
The whole staff at roadmaster was very helpful and and upfront to explain the steps to the maneuvers and the... read more - 3/08/2023
Marketing M. Avatar
Marketing M.
Loved the experience! If you pay attention and follow instructions then you are in good hands. Thanks to Roger (this... read more - 2/27/2023
jose r. Avatar
jose r.
Best CDL school ever! I went to 160 academy that school was a joke... I should of went to roadmasters... read more - 2/25/2023
Christopher F. Avatar
Christopher F.
Great school to attend and get your CDL. Shout out to Toni, John, little John and Grumpy! They’re great... read more - 2/24/2023
Raymond J. Avatar
Raymond J.
I had a great experience at Roadmaster, instructors were super knowledgeable and helpful in everything. Would totally recommend this school... read more - 2/24/2023
Armando I. Avatar
Armando I.
Roadmasters is a truck driving school that I can wholeheartedly recommend if you want to get your class A license.... read more - 2/24/2023
Joshua H. Avatar
Joshua H.
I’m on the last day of my first week in the classroom I had Devin as an instructor he has... read more - 2/24/2023
DatGuy D. Avatar
DatGuy D.
I loved my experience at Roadmaster in Jackson,MS. The staff treat you as if y'all are family but also in... read more - 2/18/2023
Dontae R. Avatar
Dontae R.
Great instructors, very patient. You will face challenges along the way but it's all worth it. Apply yourself, you will... read more - 2/17/2023
Patrick A. Avatar
Patrick A.
I just graduated February 15 2023. Everyone in this world is a critic. We judge based on what we’ve ... read more - 2/17/2023
Helen S. Avatar
Helen S.
Every one there was very helpful. They helped me learn the skills I needed to pass my test.. the instructors... read more - 2/15/2023
Michael W. Avatar
Michael W.
My experience here at Roadmaster Tampa, FL has been outstanding. From the first contact with Gladis, my advisor, to the... read more - 2/11/2023
Billy K. Avatar
Billy K.
Roadmaster was a great place for me. Instructors were able to answer all my questions. Also, everyone was very informative... read more - 2/10/2023
Marcus H. Avatar
Marcus H.
My experience at Roadmaster was a great. I learned from all the instructors, however, the instructor that stood out... read more - 2/10/2023
chastity B. Avatar
chastity B.
I’d definitely recommend this location. They have the best Trainers, advocates, job placement etc!! To hear my employer say they’re... read more - 2/09/2023
amadeo m. Avatar
amadeo m.
Amazing team instructors staff very professional And knowledgeable can’t thank you enough - 2/09/2023
sebastian m. Avatar
sebastian m.
Amazing school Great instructors Giovanni , Roger , Devin , just the whole school is great highly recommend very fast... read more - 2/07/2023
Jimmy P. Avatar
Jimmy P.
Best instructors and staff ., i ever had. Gave me the tools needed to prepare for real world trucking. The... read more - 2/04/2023
Bryant A. Avatar
Bryant A.
When looking for a truck driving school Roadmaster is by far one of the best CDL schools out there. Please... read more - 2/04/2023
Shakaylah M. Avatar
Shakaylah M.
Big shout out to mr Darin he is a really great instructor , very good at what he does and... read more - 1/27/2023