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Graduate Testimonials

Read genuine reviews from our graduates as they are happening! This page pulls in actual reviews from Roadmaster graduates across the web and displays them so that you can see what the Roadmaster experience is all about!

Jay Avatar
I recently had the pleasure of learning to drive trucks at Roadmaster, and I can't speak highly enough about my experience. A special shoutout goes to Mr. Troy, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Michael, whose expertise, friendliness, and dedication to teaching made all the difference. Their patient and professional approach helped me grasp the concepts of truck driving with ease. I highly recommend Roadmaster, especially with instructors like Mr. Troy who go above and beyond to ensure their students succeed!
Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Richard for teaching me how to drive the truck while on the road. He created a very comfortable and friendly environment, making the experience enjoyable and stress-free."
- 4/14/2024
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Sarah M. Avatar
Sarah M.
Great experience with Roadmaster! All of their staff are super knowledgeable and maintain professionalism. I had no concerns throughout my time there. I highly recommend attending Roadmaster. - 4/13/2024
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Erhan Avatar
I had a great experience with Roadmaster. I learned a lot from my instructors and improved my skills needed to be a successful truck driver in the trucking industry. Thank you! - 4/12/2024
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Barbara M. Avatar
Barbara M.
Mr Troy was such a brilliant instructor! He was very passionate on making sure that his students got their CDL! He taught everything I needed to know about being a safe driver. YOU ARE APPRECIATED! - 4/12/2024
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Jack T. Avatar
Jack T.
Absolutely excellent school to get your CDL! All instructors were helpful, knowledgeable, and fantastic! Shout out to Eric Roland, Eli, Abraham, Carlton, And Gene for an absolutely perfect experience here! Just make sure you put it the effort and study and you'll get your CDL! Would absolutely recommend 100%! Administrations such as Chad, Marina, Virginia were nothing but fantastic during my experience here too! - 4/11/2024
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Buntu B. Avatar
Buntu B.
Excellent school, I was truly impressed with the one-on-one attention you get from management and the instructors throughout my time at Roadmaster. ALL my instructors were very Helpful, if you have a problem they get on it right away, if you need help in any area or struggling they’re hands on with you until you fix the problem. The only thing you had to do was to have the right attitude and motivation, Their thorough classroom training had me fly through the CLP exam without a flaw thank you Ms Angie. Thank you to Mr Charles a great leader fair, firm and consistent , he understood that we have a personal life and things happen while in school, He went out his way to accommodate me so I can attend to family situation that occurred while attending the school.Thank you to Mr Mitch for teaching me how to control the Tractor Trailer and your words of wisdom that says “Always drive this thing like you are the one who is making payments, that will keep you safe and all those around you.”

Roadmaster Fort Worth, is one of a kind ,the whole team took the effort into making sure I understood the truck, road and the laws of the trucking world. I would like to give a special thanks to the crew that gave me that knowledge: Mr Howard, Mr John, Mr Randy, Ms Ester and Ms Kelly at the reception. This school is worth every thought of coming to... Also If you need help finding jobs they will give you all the help you need with job placement.Thank you ,Thank you , Thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
- 4/11/2024
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Dequawn L. Avatar
Dequawn L.
My experience with Roadmaster was amazing I enjoyed the instructors were really helpful definitely recommend - 4/06/2024
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Kenny A. Avatar
Kenny A.
The school is amazing, I had the best time learning everything I needed to know to be able to get my Class A CDL. The 4 weeks I was here was honestly the best school experience I've ever had in my almost 30 years being alive. Week 1 in classroom was very informative in learning all the curriculum to prepare for our permit test and what to start expecting as a professional driver. Week 2 my class and I got our CDL permits and learned and passed PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) in only 2 days. Then for the rest of that week we started learning our maneuvers and got our proficiency in straight backing and our Off-Sets and started our Road drives. The rest of the last 2 weeks we finished proficiency in our sight side, blind side parallel parking and the 90 degree alley dock maneuver and evaluated on them and passed. We finished all our road drives and tested and passed as well. The instructors and our school manager are the best staff in any company I've ever seen and I've been working for multiple companies for the last 13 years. They were the nicest staff and trained us professionally and gave us so many pointers on what to do with our maneuvers and after we got proficiency in them they showed and taught us how to do them in a more professional way that will help us out on the road in real life because a professional driver is a good driver, and this school is honestly the best school you can go to and I'm honestly gonna miss being a student there. I thank everyone in school even my upper classmates and all my classmates for the experience I had. - 4/05/2024
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Jukebox198366 Avatar
Great school. Awesome and knowledgeable instructors. Anybody looking to get their CDL should go here. - 4/03/2024
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Julie B. Avatar
Julie B.
My overall experience with Roadmaster was great. I received excellent instruction from the classroom and all the way through to the end of the course. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and helpful. Melissa was professional and really cared. She wanted to make sure we knew the laws and regulations. Richard and Bill made sure we were trained and educated on PTI. Ken and Steve made sure that we were able to conduct all the required maneuvers. With their instruction and patience, I was able to learn what I needed to successfully pass the course and earn my CDL. - 4/02/2024
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Andy L. Avatar
Andy L.
Overall it's a good school to start with if you're interested in truck driving. Had alot of good memories here and they made it easy to remember. The trainers show u easy steps on how to do certain maneuvers and couldn't have graduated without everyone there. There's good people there that wants u to graduate and willing to help get u there. - 4/02/2024
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Amanda M. Avatar
Amanda M.
I came across the recent review about our driving instructors Ken, Mel, and Mr. Bill and felt compelled to share my counter-experience from being in a class with Mr. Paul. It's unfortunate to hear that someone has had a negative experience, however I am not surprised given the person did not listen, was crybaby because he could not get the maneuvers down, and failed his driving test (actually did not actually make it off the pad to get to the driving test) but it's important to recognize that this perspective may not reflect the reality of the situation or the experiences of the majority.

As someone who has also gone through the training program, I have found Ken, Mel, and Mr. Bill to be some of the most dedicated and experienced instructors I've encountered. Their years of experience and passion for teaching have been evident to me and many of my peers. I understand that everyone has their own learning style and that not every instructor's method will resonate with every student. However, it's critical to approach learning, especially something as crucial as driving, with an open mind and a willingness to take constructive criticism.

Regarding the review in question, it appears there may have been a significant disconnect between the reviewer's expectations and the teaching methods employed by the instructors. It's always challenging when there's a mismatch in communication styles, but it's also a student's responsibility to actively seek understanding and clarification in a respectful manner. Blaming others, especially without self-reflection on one's own role in the learning process, rarely leads to progress or resolution.

The language used in the review seems to be more of an attack on character rather than a constructive critique of teaching methods (which he lack the comprehension to understand) While it's valid to seek improvement in educational environments, resorting to derogatory language and personal insults undermines the reviewer's credibility and distracts from any legitimate concerns that might exist.

It's my belief that the instructors mentioned are far from the negative portrayal in the review. From my experience, they have shown nothing but respect for their students and myself and have gone above and beyond to ensure we are prepared not only to pass our driving tests but also to be safe and competent on the road. (FYI I was able to pass on the first try because of the instructors!!)

For anyone considering this training program, I highly recommend meeting the instructors and observing their classes firsthand. Everyone's experience is unique, and I believe that an open-minded approach to learning from seasoned professionals like Ken, Mel, and Mr. Bill will reveal the quality of their instruction and their commitment to their students' success.
- 4/02/2024
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Kamal W. Avatar
Kamal W.
If you're thinking about attending Roadmaster to train for your CDL, I'm telling you now, you will not be disappointed, money well spent for your future career plans. The administration staff, the leadership, instructors and examiners are all top notch. Very professional. The grounds are well kept, the trucks are Great! When I arrived I knew absolutely nothing about a tracker trailer combination, and will admit I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. But as they say, once you can name all the parts to somethings, it's yours. And that's how it was when I graduated. Thanks to Roadmaster, I can now name the parts to the machine, I can drive the machine. All it took was 4 weeks for my license to read CLASS A - 4/02/2024
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Brian C. Avatar
Brian C.
Road Master Phoenix is the best driving school in the country as far as I'm concerned from pre-placement, accomodations, education, staffing, education and driving. I love all of the people who helped me along my journey including Mary, John, Dennis, Anthony, Dave, Paul, Randi, Shaun, Michael, Vince, Carlos, Victoria and Monica! Many more! I am so grateful for the opportunity to become a Class CDL A Trucker through this school and the lifelong friends and family I have made a long the way! Even the Amazon Tom Team isn't so bad! - 4/01/2024
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Sawanthia G. Avatar
Sawanthia G.
I recently graduated from Roadmaster and I’m not going to say I wasn’t scared or things didn’t get hard but the instructors are very understanding calm and can walk u through almost ANYTHING. If you’re looking for a good school to get your CDL this is the place. Thank you all again! - 4/01/2024
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Susan H. Avatar
Susan H.
Where do I begin? From the first day of class, last day of class, and completing the state test, the instructors and staff were more than helpful. I retained a lot of information and knowledge that will be very helpful to me in my future as a truck driver. All of the instructors were amazing. Eric, Dakota, Susan, Mike, and Mark. - 3/28/2024
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Shanna B. Avatar
Shanna B.
Great school with the most amazing instructors! I learned so much and everyone jumped in to help if ever I was in need.
If you're thinking about going to school, this is definitely the best. I've toured 5 major schools here in Arizona before choosing Roadmaster, and I have zero regrets!
- 3/27/2024
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muddasir s. Avatar
muddasir s.
Best management. very talented and good hard working instructors. I appreciate to Zee and Doug..including James the school manager they help me alot and I can't thank them enough for there support. and now I'm one of there student holding Cdl license. God bless you all. - 3/26/2024
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JADD D. Avatar
They have a nice and good facility very clean.. they have a good family of intructor that can be your friend and they are very professional.... they have a good program that really help students to understand whats happening in the world of trucking and they are 100% on safety ..... they will push your skills and mind outside your comfort zone to deal in the real world..... all i can say is they 1000000% of excellency and professionalism - 3/26/2024
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Javonte H. Avatar
Javonte H.
Great School! Instructors are very patient. They make sure everyone gets their turn to drive. They give great advice, and show you how to fix any mistakes in the trucks. I can’t say I’ve met any rude instructor while attending school. Mary is a great manger and understanding. - 3/26/2024
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Aj D. Avatar
Aj D.
Absolutely amazing school, and would definitely recommend it if you're looking to start a job as a professional driver. The skills are not that hard to learn, especially if you understand the steps for each maneuver. Huge thanks to Mark and Jennifer, as well as the instructors, couldn't ask for better teachers. - 3/22/2024
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Elisia R. Avatar
Elisia R.
Best trainers you’ll ever have, I’ll miss everyone and wish I could learn a bit more. Even if you have a hard time learning if you want to learn…. You’ll find your wonderful trainers here for sure. I wish for everyone’s safety and happiness. - 3/19/2024
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Venson Avatar
At the time I attended Road master my life felt like it was out of control - I lost my mother due to gun violence amongst other personal issues I dealt with while trying to focus on obtaining my CDL - it wasnt easy but i did it - i graduated and moved on to driving solo otr for a few different companies - Now today I'm proud to say I am a owner operator running my own trucking business with two semi trucks and three cargo vans and still growing my fleet -JVWallaceLogists - Without the instructors here being patient with me and allowing me to get my life together i probably wouldn't be where i am now - I just want to say thank you all for putting up with me as long as you did and helping me learn the skills I needed to become a true truck driver. - 3/19/2024
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Armando M. Avatar
Armando M.
The Academy is a great place to get the instruction. The classes are completely in English and absolutely according with the DMV test. I can't be happier to be former student and proud of choosing Roadmaster. - 3/18/2024
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Robert N. Avatar
Robert N.
All the instructors were easy to work with and really good at helping you understand how to drive the truck and trailer. Just pay attention and ask questions and they’ll get you to pass your tests. - 3/14/2024
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Ake W. Avatar
Ake W.
I had a great instructors at Roadmaster Drivers School in Dunn, NC. they were very detailed in my training, and they encouraged me to ask questions anytime. They knew my strengths and weaknesses and they provided me with thorough and clear instructions to overcome my weaknesses. The entire staff and front office as well made this great journey possible. - 3/14/2024
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Emanuel S. Avatar
Emanuel S.
Very awesome school and very detailed teaching. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their CDL. Instructors and everyone were amazing. It was a personalized experience to ensure the understanding of what it is to obtain your CDL. Learned something everyday! - 3/13/2024
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Wenel J. Avatar
Wenel J.
My name is Sylvestre and I've been to a previous driving school and was disappointed But Roadmaster Drivers school redeemed me and I am pleased. Roadmaster is the best school to go to.If you want one and done.Go to Roadmaster.The staff really care for the students. They help me big time.Roadmaster is the best Trucking school.I recommend to anyone trying to get in the trucking business. - 3/13/2024
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Danny G. Avatar
Danny G.
My experience at Roadmaster Driving School was top notch. It’s a very professional school and my experience was definitely a good one. I would especially like to thank Ms Randy & Paul for the extra time and knowledge they gave me,. I can not leave out Mr Michael, Sean , and Dennis & most importantly I can not leave out Ms Mary. She definitely knows what she is doing and even though she has a heavy load to work with ie students, she does it gracefully and with confidence. She’s a very professional person and if it were up to me she would definitely be getting a raise because she deserves it. 5stars across
The board!!! They all deserve it!
- 3/12/2024
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Wedly O. Avatar
Wedly O.
I loved my experience and the staff was fantastic...
Marc, Dakota,LeDerrick ,David ,thank you a lots.
Brittany was fantastic!! She provided excellent driving advice, safety tips, and constructive feedback I will use it during my career. She is most definitely an asset to Roadmaster! Thank you Brittany !
- 3/07/2024
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