Graduate Testimonials

Read genuine reviews from our graduates as they are happening! This page pulls in actual reviews from Roadmaster graduates across the web and displays them so that you can see what the Roadmaster experience is all about!

Rodney “. Avatar
Rodney “.
Man where do I start, the staff here is amazing. From Ms Coleen to Z, Mr Jewel, Gio, Bruce, Jon,... read more - 11/22/2023
Jonathan J. Avatar
Jonathan J.
I graduated Roadmaster Drivers School 11/22/23 and I must say, it was an excellent experience from start to finish.... read more - 11/22/2023
Franco F. Avatar
Franco F.
It was an awesome experience going to Roadmaster Drivers School in Fontana, California. Made a few friends along the way,... read more - 11/22/2023
Niaa G. Avatar
Niaa G.
First I would like to give credit to my Trainers and Staff for helping me through the process... read more - 11/21/2023
Norbert G. Avatar
Norbert G.
Great experience!!! Instructors are very helpful and professional about instructing and helping students to learn in order to succeed and... read more - 11/21/2023
Patrick O. Avatar
Patrick O.
The entire staff at Roadmaster is very friendly (like a family atmosphere) and really go the extra mile to make... read more - 11/20/2023
Joseph D. Avatar
Joseph D.
The experience was awesome the the instructors were amazing and laid back it was a fun time while learning everything... read more - 11/19/2023
Suzanne L. Avatar
Suzanne L.
My training experience at Roadmaster was filled with highs and lows but through it all I received wonderful support and... read more - 11/19/2023
Colin T. Avatar
Colin T.
If you have ever considered a rewarding career as a truck driver, then this is the School for you. ... read more - 11/18/2023
Curtis C. Avatar
Curtis C.
Went there , really great instructors one of them named Bill he was very instructive and informative, another one named... read more - 11/18/2023
Dalonda P. Avatar
Dalonda P.
I been waiting on this moment to share my experience at Roadmaster. Before I went to Roadmaster(Jackson Ms) I went... read more - 11/17/2023
Tyson B. Avatar
Tyson B.
I would like to give a shot out to Paul, Irving and Ash three of the best instructors at the... read more - 11/16/2023
Daiquan L. Avatar
Daiquan L.
I just wanna thank Troy at the Jacksonville Roadmaster school for really taking the time to help me with my... read more - 11/15/2023
Michael L. Avatar
Michael L.
My experience at Roadmaster was a journey in my life that I'm very grateful for taking. I now have the... read more - 11/14/2023
Keatrice B. Avatar
Keatrice B.
Roadmaster Savannah!!!!!!
Let me give y’all the break down
1. Jessica what can I say, this lady rocks one of the best...
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- 11/13/2023
Jackie B. Avatar
Jackie B.
They made my experience worth every penny!! The instructors were all top notch professionals who really took the time to... read more - 11/12/2023
adriana B. Avatar
adriana B.
Hands down the best driving academy! The administration staff and instructors are absolutely professional. The instructor's ensure fine tuning in... read more - 11/09/2023
Kameron N. Avatar
Kameron N.
Had a great experience at roadmaster. Staff was great and instructors where friendly. - 11/08/2023
LaTia W. Avatar
LaTia W.
I loved my journey through Roadmaster from the intake process until the very end. All of the instructors genuinely care... read more - 11/07/2023
Von E. Avatar
Von E.
I’d like to start by saying I would LOVE to speak on names however, I don’t want to miss anyone... read more - 11/06/2023
Jermaine B. Avatar
Jermaine B.
I loved my experience at Roadmaster all the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful I would highly recommend this school... read more - 11/04/2023
dean s. Avatar
dean s.
I loved my experience here at roadmaster I learned so much in school all of the teachers here are very... read more - 11/04/2023
Carl M. Avatar
Carl M.
Absolutely awesome school and instructors. I called other schools but wasn’t impressed on what they told me. From Carlos to... read more - 11/03/2023
Quentin T. Avatar
Quentin T.
Best experience best school has the best instructors. Jewel is my favorite felt like family Zacarra great teacher got the... read more - 11/03/2023
Leek A. Avatar
Leek A.
I just graduated from the Roadmaster Drivers School of Omaha, Nebraska; and from my perspective of learning to drive a... read more - 11/02/2023
Derick H. Avatar
Derick H.
Great place to acquire your class A. All the instructors care about the success of you the student. With the... read more - 11/02/2023
GERALD M. Avatar
I recently graduated from Roadmaster driving school, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The quality of education and... read more - 11/01/2023
Brad L. Avatar
Brad L.
Top notch instructors at the forefront of the trucking industry spare nothing to ensure student success here. If you're thinking... read more - 11/01/2023
da m. Avatar
da m.
I’m so excited for my future, and appreciative for my journey at Roadmaster. If it not have been for my... read more - 10/31/2023
Liesbert G. Avatar
Liesbert G.
I really enjoyed my experience at RDS.

They give you the necessary preparation to become an excellent commercial driver. They have...
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- 10/30/2023