Graduate Testimonials

Elsey N. Avatar
Elsey N.

My experience with Roadmaster was great. The instructors are very knowledgable, Competent, nice,and patient. In a scale of 1to 10... read more - 11/14/2021

Kiprop B. Avatar
Kiprop B.

This is where my dreams came true, it’s the best school that I would recommend to any future professional driver😎 - 11/11/2021

Mister_ S. Avatar
Mister_ S.

My experience was one of a kind. I got support when I needed it and was allowed to make mistakes... read more - 11/11/2021

Christopher M. Avatar
Christopher M.

Road Masters was everything I was hoping it would be. The instructors are committed to making sure you are ready... read more - 11/11/2021

Isela H. Avatar
Isela H.

Exceptional experience.
All instructors are on point. Since day one they make you feel welcome, This academy became my second...
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- 11/11/2021

Abdirahman M. Avatar
Abdirahman M.

Best place for trucking school, I really like the instructors and equipment was very new and clean. - 11/10/2021

Emmanuel G. Avatar
Emmanuel G.

Loved the experience, very professional staff, will recommend everyone interested in becoming a driver here. - 11/08/2021

Kirk R. Avatar
Kirk R.

Mr Robert is amazing very caring and very informative even when I was having a hard time in my personal... read more - 11/07/2021

S R. Avatar
S R.

It was 4 hard weeks and a lot of information. But it learned a lot of important stuff. Thanks again - 11/06/2021

Mike M. Avatar
Mike M.

I really enjoyed my time at Roadmaster and the knowledge that was always available to me from the staff and... read more - 10/27/2021

Massinissa S. Avatar
Massinissa S.

Very good school, all staff are amazing and they are helpful. Thank you roadmaster - 10/27/2021

TreeFaceGurry Avatar

It’s very fast paced, so if that’s what you need or want then this is a good place. You get... read more - 10/27/2021

Christina H. Avatar
Christina H.

My husband is going to this school and he absolutely loves it. The staff is amazing. If you... read more - 10/27/2021

Kimm P. Avatar
Kimm P.

My journey here was EVERYTHING! A major Ty to Nicko, Angela, Tommy & Anthony! I know I asked Nicko a... read more - 10/20/2021

Ngongo J. Avatar
Ngongo J.

That was an incredible moment at Roadmaster Drivers School spent with all the mates and instructors, who helped me with... read more - 10/19/2021

Regulo V. Avatar
Regulo V.

I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get their cdl the instructors are really helpful and professional treat... read more - 10/16/2021

Shawn H. Avatar
Shawn H.

After thoroughly reviewing prospective CDL schools, I chose Roadmaster Driving School in Bethlehem, PA. The recruiters, front office staff, and... read more - 10/16/2021

Mauro S. Avatar
Mauro S.

This was the biggest challenge of my whole life so far. I’m 49 years old and I came from Brazil... read more - 10/15/2021

Anthony E. Avatar
Anthony E.

An amazing academic, and practical application CDL-A institution. Truly the Harvard of truck driving schools. The Pheonix location is... read more - 10/15/2021

Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.

This has been a bucket list quest of mine for years and this school and All the personnel and instructors... read more - 10/13/2021

Will B. Avatar
Will B.

It was a good experience, all of the staff were down the earth good people. All of the instructors show... read more - 10/12/2021

Phil A. Avatar
Phil A.

I loved my time at Roadmaster. The staff is helpful and always ready to give you extra time to make... read more - 10/12/2021

Ahmed G. Avatar
Ahmed G.

Absolutely great staffing and very knowledgeable when it comes to CDL driving, Quincy Jones is my guy also Chris Kevin,... read more - 10/09/2021

Saunt'a P. Avatar
Saunt'a P.

If you're looking for a school to help get you into the trucking world in a short amount of time... read more - 10/09/2021

Jbandz W. Avatar
Jbandz W.

Best School I Ever Decided To Go Through I Struggle So Much But All My Instructors Help Me Get Through... read more - 10/08/2021

Kyle R. Avatar
Kyle R.

I love my experience and enjoyed my time at roadmaster. The instructors was very helpful and glad I came to roadmaster. - 10/07/2021

Shannon S. Avatar
Shannon S.

I Graduated from Roadmaster in Jacksonville Florida 2021 Mr. Troy went above and beyond to help me find the best... read more - 10/06/2021

Marquel N. Avatar
Marquel N.

I had an amazing experience at Roadmaster. I had the chance to meet some truly great people, instructors, and staff.... read more - 10/05/2021

james J. Avatar
james J.

Class#34. I highly recommend Road Master Driving School of Dunn NC for your CDL class A Driving Experience.... read more - 10/01/2021

Tammy F. Avatar
Tammy F.

All of the instructors were AMAZING! They truly help you in every way possible for you to achieve greatness! Ask... read more - 9/30/2021