Graduate Testimonials

Slim33471 Avatar

From the moment I walked into Roadmasters, I have received nothing less than outstanding customer service and professionalism. The entire... read more - 9/16/2021

J.D. S. Avatar
J.D. S.

Experienced advice was given in basic instructions, and as well as management being open and courteous to my needs. I... read more - 9/14/2021

A G. Avatar
A G.

It was a challenging situation but Lamarcus and Mr.Curtis are the TRUTH…The best to ever do it in my eyes - 9/09/2021

Johnpaul O. Avatar
Johnpaul O.

I love my experience at Roadmaster driving school.

I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to further their carrier.

Just listen...
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- 9/02/2021

Aticilef F. Avatar
Aticilef F.

Best educational experience ever! From Alex to Irving and all staff!! Listen to the instructors and take a little bit... read more - 9/01/2021

Daby M. Avatar
Daby M.

Instructor Mike is really good and patient and he is the best also know how to calm the females down... read more - 9/01/2021

Spirit F. Avatar
Spirit F.

I highly recommend Roadmaster for schooling to obtain your CDL’S. I was at the Millington Location. The instructors/testers are great... read more - 8/27/2021

Clovis F. Avatar
Clovis F.

My experience there was good I like the school, the have highly experienced and helpful instructors - 8/21/2021

Rajsheem P. Avatar
Rajsheem P.

Loved the school. loved the experience and feel I got the correct training to be successful in my future. You... read more - 8/20/2021

Spyder Avatar

Anyone thinking about enrolling in a Truck Driving School to obtain their CDL-A should look no further than Roadmaster. I... read more - 8/20/2021

Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.

My experience was wonderful, exhausting, encouraging and very hot. The instructors and staff were amazing. From the moment we arrived... read more - 8/18/2021

Laron C. Avatar
Laron C.

My Experience was Amazing, If willing, Roadmaster will push you to be the very best you can be in the... read more - 8/16/2021

Michelle A. Avatar
Michelle A.

So glad i chose Road masters Bethlehem PA
The staff and especially the instructors are simply the best at what they...
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- 8/12/2021

johnny t. Avatar
johnny t.

I loved my experience at roadmaster, it was even better than what i thought it'd be like. The instructors were... read more - 8/12/2021

Jeff T. Avatar
Jeff T.

Got my CDL in exactly 4weeks. Keep up the good job. Roadmaster you are just the Best. - 8/12/2021

Sasha H. Avatar
Sasha H.

This is the best job that I can ever ask for. Everyone is awesome and are equally dedicated to helping... read more - 8/11/2021

Terrell P. Avatar
Terrell P.

I have to say.. that my experience at Roadmaster Truck Driving School was hard at times, but ONLY because I... read more - 8/11/2021

Dante s. Avatar
Dante s.

The people that work there are some of the best and brightest. I'm opposed to the two book training it... read more - 8/09/2021

Ahmed N. Avatar
Ahmed N.

Great experience helpful staff and professional instructors they will tech you how to become a professional driver I mean it... read more - 8/07/2021

D L. Avatar
D L.

If you gonna work or take classes here the instructors are great. The hole team is awesome and they make... read more - 8/06/2021

Raymond W. Avatar
Raymond W.

The journey was hard but if you get help and guidance from Troy you will be just fine. never give... read more - 8/06/2021

Damione P. Avatar
Damione P.

I had a awesome time here at roadmasters. Thank you all for everything. - 8/03/2021

Chris A. Avatar
Chris A.

Great school would advise anyone looking to get CDLA to go here very professional and knowledgeable from office staff to... read more - 8/03/2021

Jamie J. Avatar
Jamie J.

Its was great and the staff and instructors were all very helpful. Special thanks to Mrs.Angela Cutberth for helping through... read more - 7/28/2021

jose a. Avatar
jose a.

I want to thanks all the staff members at roadmaster Bethlehem PA,everyone one of them is very knowledgable, professional and... read more - 7/28/2021

Antonio J. Avatar
Antonio J.

I graduated today my experience was awesome everybody was helpful in there on way but mr Troy was awesome he... read more - 7/27/2021

Thomisco E. Avatar
Thomisco E.

If you do not like structure and great leadership then this is not the place for you! Mr. Bill is... read more - 7/26/2021

Chary W. Avatar
Chary W.

This was a great experience at RoadMaster. Then entire process from start to finish was 4weeks and a couple days.... read more - 7/22/2021

Ishmael H. Avatar
Ishmael H.

The experience was great, and the instructors are amazing. They have a great system in place when it comes to... read more - 7/21/2021

Kristian R. Avatar
Kristian R.

My experience at roadmaster was great at first it was a struggle to learn the maneuvers but I ended up... read more - 7/20/2021