Graduate Testimonials

Read genuine reviews from our graduates as they are happening! This page pulls in actual reviews from Roadmaster graduates across the web and displays them so that you can see what the Roadmaster experience is all about!

Zebbie S. Avatar
Zebbie S.

Definitely was a great experience. I was a little lost at first on alley docking never thought I would get... read more - 9/23/2022

Jennya G. Avatar
Jennya G.

Troy Troy Troy‼️ The best instructor and Supervisor at Roadmaster Drivers School. He will never stop until you get the... read more - 9/19/2022

Kevin M. Avatar
Kevin M.

Great school and good instructors. I enjoyed my time there. I graduated and the experience is one I will never forget. - 9/15/2022

Prevost J. Avatar
Prevost J.

I loved my experience at Roadmaster. The instructors are knowledgeable and the staff is fantastic. Thank you for everything - 9/08/2022

Chad H. Avatar
Chad H.

Great instuctors...I highly recommend this school if you're interested in getting your CDL - 9/07/2022

chosen 1. Avatar
chosen 1.

The experience was amazing. Great staff. It's not a walk and the park. Listen to your instructor and study and... read more - 9/04/2022

Sammy I. Avatar
Sammy I.

My experience at Roadmaster school was amazing! I had fun and I learned a lot! The Trucking program lasts between... read more - 9/04/2022

Amelia M. Avatar
Amelia M.

I am a current student and just got my CDL permit and I have nothing but great things to say... read more - 9/01/2022

Junior J. Avatar
Junior J.

That was a nice experience after six weeks training,I went to my test and I pass and graduate now and... read more - 8/27/2022

Justin M. Avatar
Justin M.

This experience was amazing. I had an amazing time and all of the instructors know what they are talking about.... read more - 8/24/2022

Jordan J. Avatar
Jordan J.

I just Graduated a few days ago.
Great School. Great Benefits. I recommend to anyone wants to get their CDL. ⬇️⬇️

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- 8/20/2022

Jean T. Avatar
Jean T.

I want to thank all the staff members at Roadmaster drivers school in Bethlehem pa. Specially Emily, Ervin and instructor... read more - 8/19/2022

Matias M. Avatar
Matias M.

I have the best experiences on this school. School Manager, Edith, is tough but good. Then from all the trainers... read more - 8/19/2022

Abdelazim S. Avatar
Abdelazim S.

The best driving school you ever can have, from no experience to professional driver!
Good practice, taking care of students, I...
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- 8/18/2022

Kenya H. Avatar
Kenya H.

Stacy is the best driving instructor he’s very calm has lots of patience and always give clear instructions... read more - 8/16/2022

Ahmad J. Avatar
Ahmad J.

Mr Troy I been with for a week and made a big difference thank you sir I will never forget... read more - 8/16/2022

Eric T. Avatar
Eric T.

Great school thanks to Troy for the help for my skills. I appreciate it - 8/15/2022

Muhammad B. Avatar
Muhammad B.

I’ll be absolutely honest and share my own experience. Roadmasters is a great school. I want to thank all of... read more - 8/13/2022

E S. Avatar
E S.

All the instructors were awesome. This school will challenge you. Getting a CDL is not easy, but it is worth it. - 8/11/2022

QNLT J. Avatar

This man troy that came from Jacksonville was God sent he is a great teacher I been here for months... read more - 8/10/2022

Adam T. Avatar
Adam T.

Great experience Great employees great instructors!!Thank you Devon so much for everything Dennis you the man Shaun My Booy!!!thank you... read more - 8/10/2022

Claire H. Avatar
Claire H.

Absolutely awesome experience I'm going to miss everyone here. The instructors are basically like family and they truly care about... read more - 8/10/2022

Gabriela B. Avatar
Gabriela B.

Overall I thought this was a great school. I didn’t like that the first week we had to fall behind... read more - 8/09/2022

Royal J. Avatar
Royal J.

Excellent instructors. Great school. Learned so much! Thank you for my new career. I love my new life now! 😁 - 8/04/2022

Aaron J. Avatar
Aaron J.

AMAZING!! Staff is very attentive, caring, and makes sure you understand everything you’re working on! Class & group sizes allow... read more - 8/03/2022

Janae B. Avatar
Janae B.

My experience at Roadmaster was one to remember! When I got to my maneuvers I was struggling. Thank you to... read more - 7/29/2022

Crunk_jax Avatar

There is a ton of knowledge between the instructors. Each one of them able to teach in a different way... read more - 7/28/2022


All of the instructors were very helpful, friendly and provided excellent training, thank you!! - 7/26/2022

carlos w. Avatar
carlos w.

All of the instructors were helpful in their own way. Mr troy stood out to me the most he really... read more - 7/26/2022

Kishia S. Avatar
Kishia S.

Everyone here from the recruiters, front office to the examiners were excellent. I learned alot from everyone that was involved... read more - 7/25/2022