Graduate Testimonials

Myzhza S. Avatar
Myzhza S.

Great school, amazing Instructors who care & very knowledgeable. They will make sure you are successful!
Just got my CDL today
- 6/10/2021

Cosmo T. Avatar
Cosmo T.

I love my time here the instructors where very helpful and knowledgeable. I received the attention that i needed to... read more - 6/08/2021

Grimm R. Avatar
Grimm R.

Great learning experience. Learned alot about trucks you wouldn't normally think about. Thanks to the staff. They teach no matter... read more - 6/06/2021

Anthony H. Avatar
Anthony H.

Good school gave me something that will change my life. The instructors where very helpful and mr Troy really stuck... read more - 6/05/2021

Shatarica R. Avatar
Shatarica R.

Roadmaster was a great experience. It was a challenge! I've learned so much and I'm confident in my ability to... read more - 6/03/2021

Pimpin P. Avatar
Pimpin P.

I would recommend getting your permit before attending this school because that’s what you’re gonna be doing your first week... read more - 6/03/2021

Keyshia W. Avatar
Keyshia W.

Ms. Eva is a wonderful teacher in everything she taught!! The instructors were helpful Mr. Daniel and Mr. Jack... read more - 6/02/2021

Hasan S. Avatar
Hasan S.

Roadmaster is a great school to attend. The staff is professional and the teachers are knowledgeable in all aspects of... read more - 6/02/2021

Jeffrey S. Avatar
Jeffrey S.

My experience at Roadmaster truck driving school, was thorough and they explained everything to me, on the individual basis, they... read more - 5/26/2021

Alfonso O. Avatar
Alfonso O.

I can say this was the best decision I made coming to roadmasters. Since day one I saw that it... read more - 5/26/2021

Dashonda M. Avatar
Dashonda M.

Everything was good! Would have been better with more instructors but if you listen and understand the concept of the... read more - 5/26/2021

Arica M. Avatar
Arica M.

My Experience At Roadmaster Was Very Much Needed . I Say That Because The Instructors Push You To Be A... read more - 5/25/2021

Jerry T. Avatar
Jerry T.

Thank You Lord 🙏 for helping me get into Truck Driving School and blessing me with a good job and... read more - 5/25/2021

ram c. Avatar
ram c.

I love the Roadmaster instructor Dell and Bob they help lot and get me through. - 5/24/2021

Latonya M. Avatar
Latonya M.

Ok where do I begin!! Lol I loved my experience here, it was very challenging less to say!! But I... read more - 5/22/2021

Jamiu J. Avatar
Jamiu J.

So glad i chose roadmaster. I really Love my experience wit roadmaster - 5/22/2021

Rodney O. Avatar
Rodney O.

The training is awesome. The instructors are very knowledgeable and take time to show you how to do it the... read more - 5/21/2021

D R. Avatar
D R.

I really enjoyed my experience at Roadmaster Drivers School. Everyday step by step instructions helped make the process smooth. I... read more - 5/20/2021

Roy S. Avatar
Roy S.

Dear Roadmaster,

Dedicated to:

Carlos• Devin• Lynn•
Colleen• Robert• Jesse•
Miss Mary• Craig the Guru•
& the Roadmaster administration

“In 3 weeks, you will have a...
read more
- 5/20/2021

Regallunatic Avatar

Roadmaster was great, and educational.

Even though there were some hiccups in time (due to no fault of my own) It...
read more
- 5/19/2021

Chassidy P. Avatar
Chassidy P.

From start to finish the instructors made me feel right at home. Classroom Tim was very good and preparing me... read more - 5/18/2021

Sambo’s F. Avatar
Sambo’s F.

I had a great experience going to Roadmaster! The staff was very helpful and I really enjoyed the training I... read more - 5/15/2021

My G. Avatar
My G.

Road master is a great choice, if you want to get your CDLs. Troy is one of the best there... read more - 5/13/2021

smith r. Avatar
smith r.

I would definitely recommend Roadmaster to friends and family who would be interested in trucking. I never thought that I... read more - 5/12/2021

Maria A. Avatar
Maria A.

Instructors and admin staff were amazing. As a transgender I had some doubts of being accepted but everyone made me... read more - 5/12/2021

Matt A. Avatar
Matt A.

Instructors and admin staff were amazing. As a transgender I had some doubts of being accepted but everyone made me... read more - 5/12/2021

Teddy W. Avatar
Teddy W.

I really enjoyed my time here and learned alot. I really had to buckle down and study the material given... read more - 5/12/2021

Human R. Avatar
Human R.

Great drivers coming to join our company UNITED GROUP LOGISTICS ( Based in Oswego, IL) FROM YOUR SCHOOL. We... read more - 5/11/2021

Thomas B. Avatar
Thomas B.

Everyone here is absolutely amazing! Every step of the way there was always someone there to help me with what... read more - 5/10/2021

kyesha r. Avatar
kyesha r.

I enjoyed my experience in Lithia Springs, Ga. My classmates were awesome left here with 10 new trucking brothers and... read more - 5/08/2021