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Truck Driving School

Truck driving schools have programs that teach you how to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle and pass the commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills test. To drive a truck in the U.S., a CDL is required.

Great trucking schools are immersive programs covering both the components of the road test and the written section of the CDL licensing process. Experienced truck drivers answer questions, provide feedback, and offer comprehensive instruction.

The best schools, like Roadmaster Drivers School, continue to support their graduates after they have finished truck driving school. Roadmaster Drivers School helps its graduates find well-paying positions that fit the lifestyle they want with the companies they prefer. Job Placement rates are very high for graduates of respected schools.

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Truck Driving School at Roadmaster

Why would you need to attend one?

New Federal regulations called ELDT, require individuals to obtain training from a registered training provider. Another reason to attend a trucking school is the amount of learning and experience you’ll gain. Getting a CDL might seem relatively easy, but the knowledge needed on the road is what matters. Truck driver training doesn’t just teach students how to pass the CDL. It teaches basic skills and knowledge needed to form the foundation to become a professional truck driver.

Knowing basic maneuvers is crucial to excelling in your new career and making money. Some of the areas you’ll learn and train for at Roadmaster Drivers School include:

  • Emergency Protocols
  • Inspections
  • Operating transmissions
  • Coupling and Uncoupling
  • Environmental compliance
  • Control systems
  • Malfunction diagnosis
  • Docking and backing
  • Space management
  • operating your truck safely

Covering issues that might arise on the road also prepares students for how to think and reason in their new careers. An understanding of one problem and how to fix it really opens students’ minds about how to think critically when a problem comes along.

What does truck driving school allow you to do?

The most important answer is that going to a respected school, like Roadmaster Drivers School, opens the door to better opportunities. Having a great truck driving school on your resume makes you much more likely to get hired. It opens the door to more companies, allowing you to choose who fits you best.

Trucking companies want to hire someone they can develop and ultimately trust with their trucks and their customers’ cargo. An entry-level truck driver that is well trained presents the best opportunity for a trucking company to maintain a long-term, safe driver.  When a hiring manager is considering a driver that was trained at Roadmaster versus one that didn’t go to school, the advantage goes to our graduates every time.

In the current environment, it is more than likely that recruiters will be ready to give you a  pre-hire even before you have completed your schooling and received your CDL. In such situations, experienced instructors and staff can help you make the best decisions about which jobs are the best fit and have the greatest opportunities.

Being a graduate from a respected truck driving school also means an easier time on the road. Those that know the ins and outs are better able to deal with problems that might arise or tackle regulations and paperwork that could result in a big learning curve for drivers that haven’t been trained.

Get your training started now

Roadmaster Drivers School is a truck school committed to providing our students with high-quality training and working to get them on the road. Often ranked among the best schools for truck driver training, Roadmaster Drivers School is the right choice for those prospective drivers wanting to start off on the right foot.

With locations nationwide, a Roadmaster Drivers School is probably right around the corner from you or just a state over.

Roadmaster Drivers School makes getting started easy. Your name and contact information are all it takes to start the journey to a new career as a truck driver, making fantastic money.