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How Long Is Truck Driving School?

Enrolling in truck driving school is the first step to becoming a professional truck driver. If you’re eager to start a new career as a commercial truck driver, then you probably have a lot of questions. How can I earn a CDL? How long does CDL training take? What’s included in the CDL exam? Find answers to these and other questions today as you explore Roadmaster Drivers School.

How Long Does CDL Training Last?

Earning a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to become a professional tractor-trailer driver. If you enroll in a reputable truck driving school, you can typically complete your CDL training in about a month.

This process is regulated by the Federal government’s Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) mandate. The exact time it takes to train depends on how quickly you can gain the essential skills and knowledge through classroom education and skill training.

Classroom Education

Part of your Class A CDL training includes classroom education. How long is a CDL training class? Most students go through Roadmaster Drivers School in about a month. The classroom portion of that training prepares you for the following tasks:

  • Pre-trip inspection: Review the steps to inspect your tractor-trailer before leaving the parking lot.
  • Map reading and trip planning: A GPS may help you find the most direct route but commercial truck drivers need to use trip planning skills to avoid low-clearance areas and roads unsuited for tractor-trailers.
  • Logbook entry: Stay compliant with Department of Transportation laws and trucking company regulations regarding logbook entry.
  • Maintenance inspection: Study the signs of a maintenance issue before you practice these important inspections in real-world conditions.
  • Rules and Regulations: Learn about rules and regulations governing the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

Skills Training

An ELDT-compliant truck driving school includes hands-on training. Practice these and other essential skills before climbing behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer on the first day of your new career:

  • Backing and turning: These basic tasks can be difficult with a 53-foot trailer if you don’t practice. Roadmaster Drivers School includes time at our practice facility to practice these maneuvers in a safe environment.
  • Coupling and uncoupling: Prepare to deliver freight as a professional truck driver by learning these crucial skills.
  • Road time: Don’t just drive around the parking lot during your training course; learn what it’s like to drive in real-world conditions before you earn your CDL.
Length of CDL Training ELDT

How Long Does CDL Training Take With the ELDT Mandate?

The ELDT mandate was first passed in 2012 but went into effect on February 7, 2022. Any driver earning a CDL, upgrading to a Class A, or obtaining certain endorsements for the first time is subject to revised regulations.

Don’t let the ELDT mandate frighten you. While regulations have changed, Roadmaster Drivers School has remained compliant and continues to offer instruction that meets or exceeds federal and state requirements.

How Many Hours of Driving for CDL Training Requirements?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) doesn’t set requirements for how many hours of training for CDL training programs. The important component of any driving school is the number of subjects that it covers. The ELDT standards require around 35 subjects of classroom training and a score of at least 80% on the theory assessment portion of the program. The ELDT standards also require applicants to demonstrate proficiency in various hands-on skill areas in operating a commercial motor vehicle.

What Tests Are Required for the CDL Exam?

Your CDL training should prepare you to take the CDL exam confidently. As you prepare for this exam, here are the qualifications you’ll need to meet:

  • Medical exam: A Department of Transportation physical ensures you’re physically able to drive a truck.
  • Driving record: A DUI or speeding ticket may not disqualify you from earning a CDL, but they are important factors for applying for employment after graduation.
  • Criminal background check: A felony may prevent you from getting hired at certain trucking companies, but you may still be able to earn your CDL and drive professionally.
  • Knowledge portion: The Theory exam covers around 35 subjects that you learned during your Roadmasters classroom training.  Before progressing to the hands-on skill training, you must pass the Commercial Learner Permit knowledge test.
  • CDL Skills Test: Show off your pre-trip inspection, backing, turning, and driving skills.  Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in certain required hands-on tasks and pass the CDL Skills Test to obtain a CDL.

How Long Is CDL Class A Training at Roadmaster Drivers School?

When you prepare to become a truck driver at Roadmaster Drivers School, you can expect it to take about a month to complete. The length of CDL training can vary, so reach out to a local Roadmaster location to learn more. Continuing your training is crucial until you feel confident in taking the knowledge and skills portions of the CDL exam.

How Can I Apply to Truck Driving School?

Find a local school today and reach out for more information. Discover how Roadmaster Drivers School can put you in the driver’s seat as you navigate an exciting career change.