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CDL Training is provided at Roadmaster Drivers School in Dallas, Texas. Our truck driving school in Texas provides hands-on CDL training so students may obtain real-world truck driving skills and obtain their Class A CDL license.
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Roadmaster Drivers School – Dallas, TX

8701 Peterbilt Ave
Dallas, TX 75241

Local: (972) 220-9030
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

Dallas, TX, Truck Driving School

Roadmaster Drivers School – Dallas,TX is located on the south end of the Dallas-Ft Worth metropolitan area, which is home to sports giants like the Cowboys and Mavericks and one of the world-renowned Six Flags amusement parks!

At Roadmaster, students get hands-on practice with modern equipment and learn from the best truck driving school instructors in the industry! Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas is Approved and Regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission. Roadmaster teaches students how to drive a truck after 4 weeks of CDL training classes. Our truck driving trainers are there for you at every step of the way, from when you walk in the door to when we introduce you to potential employers.

CDL Training at Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster’s comprehensive CDL Training Program gives students the necessary skills to begin driving a truck professionally. Our expert truck driving school instructors provide both the hands-on training and the classroom preparation needed to properly and safely operate a truck and obtain your Class A CDL license. Our Career Services program helps many students get jobs before they even graduate.


As a Roadmaster student, your training will include:
  • Truck Driver Training at our practice facility and on the road in real-world conditions
  • Automatic Transmission Truck Training. Drive the state of the art automatic shifting trucks.
  • Map reading, trip planning, logging and compliance with Department of Transportation laws
  • Backing, turning and hooking/unhooking an industry standard 53 foot trailer
  • Advanced truck driving techniques such as skid avoidance and truck recovery
  • Emergency actions for special situations such as a break away trailer or hydroplaning
  • Many more skills, techniques and tips you will need as a professional truck driver

Why choose Roadmaster Drivers School?

Roadmaster is highly respected among CDL training schools because, in over twenty-five years of operation, we have proudly trained more than 100,000 men and women to make a living driving a truck. We are committed to reducing the current Truck Driver shortage and help future truckers pass the CDL knowledge and skills tests and get their new careers on the road in 4 weeks! Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a Roadmaster student:

  • Comprehensive Class A CDL Training from our expert, safety-conscious Roadmaster instructors.
  • Our Truck Driving Schools have spacious classrooms and computer labs, specially designed field-driving courses, and late-model tractor-trailers exclusively for student training.
  • 4 week-long CDL classes that focus on Class A CDL training and license test preparation.
  • Multiple truck driving school locations nationwide.
  • On-site testing at select Roadmaster locations.
  • Trucking Carrier recruiters are on-site regularly looking to hire our graduates.
  • Career Services is available to help you get your career on the road.
  • Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.
  • Trucking companies may offer tuition reimbursement for truck driver training programs. Many trucking companies will pre-hire students and reimburse their training costs as long as they are employed by that company.

Roadmaster Drivers School of
Dallas, TX

8701 Peterbilt Ave
Dallas, TX 75241

Local: (972) 220-9030
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300
TDD/TTY: (711)

My Experience was Amazing, If willing, Roadmaster will push you to be the very best you can be in the... read more

Laron C. Avatar
Laron C.
1 month ago

If you do not like structure and great leadership then this is not the place for you! Mr. Bill is... read more

Thomisco E. Avatar
Thomisco E.
1 month ago

Great school, amazing Instructors who care & very knowledgeable. They will make sure you are successful!
Just got my CDL today

Myzhza S. Avatar
Myzhza S.
3 months ago

Welcome to Roadmaster Drivers School in Dallas, Texas!

To get your virtual tour started, simply click or tap the picture of the school entrance or click the “Start Tour” button. You will be able to click through and see our school in360º virtual reality!

Step into a Truck

Take a look around and then climb up into the cab of one of the late model Automatic Transmission semi-trucks that you will train on.

Check out the Classroom

This is where you will learn the rules of the road, how to fill out logbooks, and other essential training on your road to becoming a professional Truck Driver.

This is where you will train

This is where you will train on how to back up your truck properly, how to perform a pre-trip inspection, and other essential hands-on training. 

Photos from Roadmaster Drivers School in Dallas, TX

  • Rudy R Bougere Jr. Avatar
    Rudy R.

    I'll just start by saying thanks for everything. This has truly been a remarkable experience. From my first contact with... read more - 3 years ago

    Will Vazquez Avatar
    Will V.

    By far, one of the best highlights in my life. Attending the school here, was memorable and the learning environment... read more - 3 years ago

    Jessica Parker Avatar
    Jessica P.

    This is a very good school to go if you are looking to become a professional driver. The people here... read more - 2 years ago

  • Erik StangLyfe Crews Avatar
    Erik S.

    This is the best decision I've could've ever made. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful in to getting you... read more - 2 years ago

    Justin McGowan Avatar
    Justin M.

    Had a great 3 1/2 weeks learning how to drive a big rig and meeting new people that are now... read more - 3 years ago

    Brian Hucik Avatar
    Brian H.

    Roadmaster Drivers School is a top notch organization that provides quality training for Class A CDL operators. They continuously support... read more - 3 years ago

  • Asia Walters Avatar
    Asia W.

    Loved every minute of it! Very nice group of people and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE!! I would definitely recommend this school if... read more - 2 years ago

    Gustavo Saavedra Avatar
    Gustavo S.

    yes I strongly recommend Roadmaster you will get all the training you need to become a professional driver staff here... read more - 2 years ago

    David Decker Avatar
    David D.

    After two weeks in this school I have noticed that the instructors really want to see students succeed!! Thanks... read more - 10 months ago

  • Rachael S. Avatar
    Rachael S.

    The program was simple and the instructors were all very knowledgeable. Niko was very helpful with learning the pre-trip inspection,... read more - 1 year ago

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    I just passed today and I am so excited and could not have done it without the help of Roadmaster.... read more - 1 year ago

    Tonja L. Avatar
    Tonja L.

    Very knowledgable and helpful. Great experience,! I would highly recommend Roadmaster Driving School to anyone thinking about going to truck... read more - 1 year ago

  • Nicholas J. Avatar
    Nicholas J.

    I worked the most with Anthony, who worked a lot with me on the skill maneuvers, always had a positive... read more - 6 months ago

    C4L D. Avatar
    C4L D.

    I found Roadmaster driving school after researching many truck companies and schools that just did not quite have either a... read more - 6 months ago

    Christian A. Avatar
    Christian A.

    I went in not knowing anything about trucking. All the instructors are there to help you understand the basics of... read more - 1 year ago

  • Jared K. Avatar
    Jared K.

    I had a great experience at roadmaster Dallas. I was very happy about the experience and the instructors I had... read more - 1 year ago

    Roderick G. Avatar
    Roderick G.

    This is the best training school that you can attend. All the instructors definitely care about you getting your CDL.... read more - 1 year ago

    A G. Avatar
    A G.

    This is the best training school that you can attend. All the instructors definitely care about you getting your CDL.... read more - 1 year ago

  • Cosmo T. Avatar
    Cosmo T.

    I love my time here the instructors where very helpful and knowledgeable. I received the attention that i needed to... read more - 3 months ago

    Sambo’s F. Avatar
    Sambo’s F.

    I had a great experience going to Roadmaster! The staff was very helpful and I really enjoyed the training I... read more - 4 months ago

    Sam J. Avatar
    Sam J.

    If you want to drive a tractor and trailer Roadmaster Driving School, Dallas TX is the place to be. Instructors... read more - 1 year ago

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    BreBeatz L.

    I recommend everybody to come to this school! The process was very smooth and easy every step of the... read more - 1 year ago

    Steve L. Avatar
    Steve L.

    I’m glad I chose to come to Roadmasters. My experience and time here was well enjoyed. All of... read more - 1 year ago

    Teddy W. Avatar
    Teddy W.

    I really enjoyed my time here and learned alot. I really had to buckle down and study the material given... read more - 4 months ago

Roadmaster Drivers School – Dallas, TX

8701 Peterbilt Ave
Dallas, TX 75241
Local: (972) 220-9030
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

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