Truck Driving Career Benefits

If you’re interested in a career in the Professional Truck Driving Industry, and you’ve met all CDL training requirements, congratulations! You’re considering entering a growing profession with some incredible benefits:

  • Great Pay– Truck Driving jobs have great starting salaries.
  • Job Security – Truck driver jobs can’t be outsourced. Truck drivers are responsible for dispersing America’s goods and necessities across the states and are needed throughout the nation. 
  • Medical Insurance and Dental Insurance– A position as a truck driver comes with many benefits that may be specific to each carrier. Medical and dental insurance are common perks in the truck driving industry.
  • 401k Retirement Savings Plan– Earn money for retirement as you navigate the highway!
  • Life Insurance– Enjoy competitive options for life insurance depending on your carrier of choice!
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time– Professional truck drivers need vacation time to unwind from work and sick time to recover from illnesses.
  • Changing Scenery– See the country while getting paid! Professional Truck Drivers call the open road their place of business and are able to see sights that many are not. Travel coast-to-coast and peak-to-peak!
  • Take Your Pet with You!– Certain carriers allow truck drivers to bring their pets as travel buddies.
  • Team Driving– This allows couples and friends to drive in shifts and earn more money. With a partner, you can accept longer drives and more hours since switching spots is all it takes to keep on trucking!