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Class A CDL Exam

So let’s fast forward about a month or so from now. You’ve already made the decision to invest in your own future by becoming a professional truck driver. You’ve chosen a quality CDL training school and have put in the work necessary to earn your Class A CDL license. Now, the only thing that stands in your way is the CDL exam.

If you’ve followed these steps, chosen the right driver training program, and paid attention to your trainers, the CDL exam shouldn’t be scary. It’s your moment to shine. You should be looking forward to it because it could be the turning point where you accomplish your goal and achieve a whole new life and career in the exciting, in-demand Professional Trucking Industry!

How to Pass Your CDL Exam

The CDL test is the first hurdle for those looking into a career as a CDL truck driver. After you’ve passed your CDL test you can begin your truck driving career. What is the CDL test? Just like you’d test for your state driver’s license, CDL truck drivers need to prove that they can drive a truck safely on the highways. That’s where the CDL test comes in!

The Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is proof that you are a knowledgeable driver. In order to receive a CDL, you’ll need to answer a series of trucking questions and prove to a tester that you can drive a semi-truck. The CDL written test is made up of about 50 questions covering topics like
  • Accident procedures
  • Map reading
  • Hooking and unhooking trailers
  • Night driving
  • Braking
  • Anticipating hazards
  • Railroad crossing
  • Skid control and recovery, among others
The second portion of the CDL test is driving a semi while a tester observes you. You’ll have to demonstrate that you can do things like back up the truck and merge into traffic in addition to other driving techniques. That’s a lot to prepare for! However, there’s a lot to look forward to once you pass the CDL test!
CDL Exam Test Preparation at Roadmaster

Getting Ready For The CDL Test

At Roadmaster, we do our absolute best to make sure our graduates are fully prepared to take the CDL test upon their graduation from training at Roadmaster. If a student is having a difficult time getting the hang of a specific part of the CDL training course, our instructors will work with them to teach what is needed in order to overcome the problem area, even providing extra training if needed. That way, when a student finally takes the CDL exam, the student can take their exam with a feeling of confidence.

What if I fail? Re-Training/Taking the CDL Exam

If a student puts in the hard work, learning as much as possible, and still falls short of passing the CDL test? Now what?
First of all: Don’t panic! It won’t be the first time someone has failed, and most likely won’t be the last! For those who don’t pass the CDL exam on the first try, don’t worry, Roadmaster won’t leave you hanging. Roadmaster will work with students going over the problem areas, and when the instructors are confident that the student has improved enough, they will suggest to re-take the test, this time even better prepared with extra training under their belt and likely much less nervous since they’ve taken the exam before and know what to expect.

Passing The CDL Test

When a student passes the CDL test, they’ll be ready to begin their career as a professional truck driver. In many cases, that will mean getting even more advanced training with the company carrier they decide to sign with. While we obviously prefer all students to pass the CDL Exam on their first try, there’s no shame in having to take it again. When a student achieves their Class A CDL license, the number of attempts doesn’t go on a permanent record. As long as the student shows up every day ready to work hard, pays close attention to the instructors, Roadmaster will do it’s very best to help its students pass their CDL test!