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How to Become a Professional Truck Driver in Texas

Are you a Texan who’s looking for a career that pays well, is in high demand, and gives you the freedom to travel the open road? Are you out of work or just looking to build a better life for yourself and your family? If so, becoming a Professional Truck Driver may be right for you.

Whether you’re searching for your first job or you’re ready to change to a more rewarding profession, Roadmaster Drivers School can help you start your new career in weeks!

What is a Class A CDL?

Your first step to becoming a Professional Truck Driver is getting your Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). The Class A CDL will allow you to work as a Professional Commercial Truck Driver operating these types of commercial motor vehicles:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Truck and trailer combinations
  • Flatbeds

Minimum Requirements for Getting Your Class A CDL in Texas

To get a Class A CDL, you must have:

  • A valid Texas drivers license
  • Documentation verifying your residency, registration, and liability insurance on all vehicles registered in your name
  • Evidence of your Social Security Number

You will also need to:

  • Complete a form for medical certification
  • Pass a vision test
  • Meet certain physical fitness requirements
  • Be free from habit-forming drugs

Testing for Your Texas CDL

You will need to take the following series of CDL Knowledge Tests to get a license:

  • Texas Commercial Rules
  • General Knowledge
  • Combination (Class A Only)
  • Air Brake
  • Endorsements

After you have passed the knowledge tests, you will obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit, which will allow you to receive hands-on training in operating a Class A Commercial Motor Vehicle on public highways. Once you have completed training, you will take the CDL Skills Tests, which consists of three parts:

Pre-Trip Inspection ― During this portion of the test, the examiner will require you to walk around your vehicle, point out each of its components, explain what they are and why it’s necessary to check them before each road trip.

Basic Control Skills ― This portion of the test will ensure that you know how to perform the following basic maneuvers:

  • Straight-line backing
  • Offset backing right/left
  • Parallel parking

Texas CDL Road Test ― You will take this portion of the test on public roadways to test your driving skills in real-life traffic situations. These include intersections, curves, lane changes, starting and stopping, crossing railroad tracks, expressways, and rural or semi-rural roads.

The Benefits of Attending a Commercial Driver Training Program

If preparing for and taking the Class A CDL sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Attending a truck driving school will ensure that you receive the CDL training you need so you’ll be prepared ― and confident ― every step of the way.

Established Training Program

Naturally, you’ll want to choose the top truck driving school. Over the past 28 years, Roadmaster Drivers School has trained over 100,000 men and women to get their Class A CDL.

Roadmaster Drivers School’s Class A CDL training program will provide you with the classroom and behind-the-wheel experience you need to get a Class A CDL in Texas.

Financial Assistance

Roadmaster Drivers School doesn’t want monetary concerns to stand between you and your dreams. Roadmaster offers financial assistance and financing options to those who qualify. We help students with all kinds of credit histories to pay for school.

Roadmaster Drivers School works with trucking carriers to help students and graduates obtain gainful employment after graduation. Driver recruiters from various trucking carriers make on-site visits to meet with students while in training. This is a great way for students to talk to potential employers about pay rates, bonuses, benefits, scheduling, and what sets their companies apart from the rest.

Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas 3

Roadmaster Drivers School of Dallas, TX

8701 Peterbilt Ave
Dallas, TX 75241

Local: (972) 220-9030
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

Roadmaster Drivers School of Fort Worth

Roadmaster Drivers School of Fort Worth, TX

309 Successful Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76140

Local: (817) 241-7030
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

Roadmaster Drivers School of Houston Classroom

Roadmaster Drivers School of Houston, TX

1224 Normandy Street
Houston, TX 77015

Local: (281) 916-7764
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

Roadmaster Drivers School of San Antonio 2

Roadmaster Drivers School of San Antonio, TX

927 Eddie Road
San Antonio, TX 78219

Local: (210) 648-8600
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

What You Can Expect from Your Roadmaster Class A CDL Training

Roadmaster Drivers School has campuses across the country. As a Texan, you can attend the San Antonio or Dallas facility, where you’ll learn in modern classrooms and train on late-model, automatic-transmission trucks.

Roadmaster’s CDL instructors are seasoned professionals with real-world experience in the trucking industry. They provide classroom and hands-on training that teaches students how to operate commercial trucks safely, so you can get your Class A CDL and be prepared for the job.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Roadmaster Class A CDL Training?

Roadmaster’s Class A CDL Training Program at the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio facilities takes about a month and includes hands-on training driving a truck and classroom instruction.

If being a Professional Truck Driver sounds like the job for you, contact Roadmaster Drivers School in Dallas or San Antonio to get your career on the road.