1. You Want a Career Path with Earning Potential

It’s one of the biggest reasons you choose a certain career path, right? Everyone needs money to survive, but you probably don’t want to just make ends meet.  A career in CDL truck driving has a lot of opportunity to earn great money on top of other top-notch industry benefits.

Right now, there’s a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry mainly due to high production levels and retiring truck drivers. This means that carrier companies are fighting over new drivers every day with better pay and benefits! You could earn over $45,000 in your first year of driving in addition to bonuses for things like driving safely, traveling further, and conserving fuel.1

2. Impatience For School

You’ve probably had to go school for years and years now. The idea of going back to school for a few more years to earn a degree might be out of the question. A lot of great careers require degrees that would take years of extra education. Truck drivers don’t need college degrees or tons of schooling to drive, but they do need their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

The good news is that you can finish CDL training courses in as few as four weeks! You could learn all you need to know to pass the CDL test, earn your license, and start a trucking career in less than a month!

3. Desire to Travel

Truck drivers have the responsibility of moving important cargo from one part of the country to another. That could mean traveling from coast to coast, crossing many states in the process. And all of the incredible sights across the U.S. are completely free to the driver!

See landscapes and scenery you might not have the chance to see otherwise! From deserts and mountains to the beachy coasts, you can get paid while you sightsee across America.

4. You Prefer Working Alone

While there are options for team drivers and passengers, the majority of CDL truck driving is done alone. Many times it’s just the driver, their truck, and the open road for hours. You can listen to music or talk shows or maybe tune into podcasts while you drive. The point is that you can work in the peace and quiet by yourself.

Maybe you don’t prefer working with people all of the time. That’s okay! Truck drivers might radio each other or communicate with their dispatcher, but that’s about it. They’ll have to work with people at drop off and pickup locations, but will spend the majority of their jobs on their own.

5. You Want an Important Job

America needs its CDL truck drivers! Ever heard someone call truck drivers the backbone of America? That’s because nearly 70% of the materials moved across the country are moved by truck drivers.2 Truck drivers move all kinds of cargo, from water bottles and medicine to iPhones and video games. If it sits on a shelf for you to buy, then it was probably brought there by a truck driver.

Without our truck drivers, our economy would come screeching to a halt! Truck drivers have an extremely important role in society.