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5 Things To Consider When Looking for a Mississippi Truck Driving School

Looking for a new career in Mississippi? Truck driving is a great option. Check out five things to consider when looking for a Mississippi truck driving school.


5 Things To Consider When Looking for a Mississippi Truck Driving School

With jobless rates soaring throughout the country, it is crucial to keep in mind that truck driving is essential. Mississippi has one of the highest unemployment rates. If you live in Mississippi and want to find a stable career that pays well and is essential, you might consider truck driving. To help you learn more, here are five things to consider when looking for a Mississippi truck driving school.

1. Consider Mississippi Unemployment Rates

The entire country (and the world) is experiencing high unemployment rates because of the pandemic. Yet, Mississippi has shown high numbers throughout the years. So, it’s crucial to find work in Mississippi that is stable, recession-proof, and pandemic-proof. And in fact, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security lists transportation in the top 50 state job demands.

It is in the top 10 for annual demand and falls into the top 100 throughout the lists. These lists include designations like top overall wage, average entry-level wage, and top occupations.

2. Consider the Career a Mississippi Truck Driving School Gives

Excellent Pay

The starting average for a rookie trucker is around $45K annually; that is the entry-level pay scale. A career in trucking can have you making upwards of $90K a year depending on the carrier, your experience, and factors like temperature-controlled trucks – which pay more.

Freedom and Travel

One of the best things about a career in truck driving is the freedom to travel. You also have the freedom away from being confined. No supervisor is hanging around, no one is choosing your lunch or break time, and you choose what you want to listen to while working.

You also get to see the country and see places you’ve never visited.

3. Consider What a Mississippi Truck Driving School Offers

Consider the school. When looking at a Mississippi truck driving school, what makes one stand out? Here are a few key components that a school should have to make it a prime target for study.


Do your research and find a school like Roadmaster Drivers School – one successful in training truck drivers for local, regional, and nationwide routes. Roadmaster Drivers School has been in business since 1992, where over 125K students have graduated.

An important part of their reputation is with job placement help. Roadmaster is a free-choice school, meaning students are free to choose their carrier after graduation and are encouraged to select the best fit for their career goals. Yet, Roadmaster Drivers School helps students get pre-qualified for jobs before they even graduate from school.

If possible, reach out to former students who’ve completed the program you’re thinking about entering. Gauge the level of professionalism of the course instructors and ask about their overall learning experience. Try to steer clear schools that repeatedly receive critical reviews or comments, especially if they’re coming from the former students themselves.


One of the most important things to look for is the equipment used in training. You want equipment that is the same as you will drive during your trucking career. Modern, well-maintained trucks, including the latest safety features, allow you to see what it’s like and teach you more about actual usage.

Safety Culture

Safety is crucial in any training situation. With proper safety protocols, you learn how to do things correctly, so you don’t make mistakes on the road. Mistakes can lead to accidents, job loss, and even worse scenarios. Learning the right way during your training carries over into your career.

Student’s Best Interest and Support

You want a truck driving school that not only encourages your success but has support throughout the process. This means helping you find carriers who hire, advising you on tuition reimbursement, and having your overall best interest at heart.

4. Consider Cost and Tuition Reimbursement

What about tuition? Most of the carriers that we work with offer up to 100% tuition reimbursement to new truck drivers. Tuition reimbursement gets disbursed over a series of monthly payments to make sure drivers are serious about working for the carrier. We also offer in-house financing for those who qualify.

5. Consider What It Takes for Your Mississippi Class A CDL

According to the Mississippi Drivers Service Bureau, a Class A CDL is

Any Combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more or towing a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,001 pounds or more.

This is standard across the country. A person at least 17 years of age can drive a truck with a Mississippi CDL but only within the state. They cannot haul hazardous materials. Anyone 21 and over in Mississippi with a Class A CDL can drive interstate and haul hazardous materials.