Maybe you’re interested in earning your CDL license, but you don’t want to drive across the country for the rest of your life. That’s just fine! Earning your CDL is a great step towards better pay because of all the opportunities to earn money in trucking. And when you’re finished driving from state to state there are other CDL related jobs that might be a positive next step.

While not all of these are driving jobs exactly, they are all related to the transportation industry somehow. You’ll see that your knowledge of trucking and the road can be applied to many different positions. Check out some of these CDL-related jobs if you’re considering getting your CDL!

CDL Related Jobs

Supervisor – The transportation industry needs supervisors just like any other industry. Supervisors are leaders that oversee the system or process of the job. A transportation supervisor might create schedules and organize deliveries and runs.

Recruiter – When there’s a job opening to be filled or an application to be reviewed, it’s usually the job of the recruiter. Trucking recruiters might visit trucking schools to talk with trainees or host booths at job fairs.

Truck Driver Training Instructor – Somebody has to do it! Without our truck driver training instructors, truckers in training would have to learn by error –which wouldn’t be very safe. Instructors coach trainees and show them how to drive a truck safely.

Mechanic – If you have a passion for trucks then you might consider working under the hood of them as a mechanic. The trucking industry is made up of thousands of trucks that all eventually need maintenance.

Courier – Say you need to get your passport in another state in a short amount of time. You could hire a courier, like a personal messenger or package deliverer, to handle the traveling and delivering for you. Or if you’re looking for a unique traveling job, you might consider being a courier.

Cement and Concrete Production – If working with machinery is what you enjoy most, cement and concrete production could be an excellent option later on. This job might require mixing concrete, pouring it into molds, using machinery to section concrete, driving cement trucks, etc.

Local/Regional Driver – After you’ve spent some time over-the-road (or, traveling across the country) you could apply for local driving positions. These jobs tend to be more competitive because of the awesome benefit of driving trucks locally and having a lot of time at home.

Terminal Manager – Terminal managers run the show in their area. They may do things like monitor performance, oversee all terminal functions, hire new employees, support the team, and keep things running smoothly.

Self-Employed Truck Driver – This type of truck driver, also called an owner-operator, is in charge of their truck and possibly their own fleet of trucks. They make deals with companies and either drive cargo or have employees drive for them.

Bus Driver – Instead of driving a semi, you could drive a bus instead. The perk to being a truck driver is that you probably won’t have to be away from home too long unless you’re transporting people across the country.

Specialty Cargo Hauler – You can specialize in the types of cargo you carry as a CDL driver. An auto transporter or furniture deliverer, for example, might be the best next step after driving over the road for a while.

Delivery Driver – Grocery stores and produce markets need drivers to deliver fruit, vegetables, and other local goods to their locations. Similarly, bakeries and local supply companies need drivers to move their products locally.

Dispatcher – A dispatcher is the person on the other side of the radio channel taking driver information and sending out information to company drivers. They are responsible for recording important info, tracking vehicles and equipment, and being the connection between drivers and the carrier.

Taxi Driver – While not exactly a trucking position, taxi driving at least allows you to drive for a living. And if you are a people person, this is a great new option! Taxi drivers are needed in every major city in the country.

Chauffer – Maybe instead of hauling cargo, you want to haul celebrities and the big shots around on their adventures. A chauffer is a personal driver for hire. However, whether that is local or far depends on the company and the needs of the customer.

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