Truck Driving School Tips

Everything you need to know


Having a career in truck driving is rewarding and adventurous, but first, you must prepare for your Class A CDL. Find out more and learn everything you need to know about truck driving school.

Truck Driving School – Everything You Need to Know

Often people may think that they know what it’s like to drive a truck. Perhaps they think it’s a lot of sitting and driving, or it only takes understanding how to drive a big truck. Both are components but not the full picture. Professional truck driving takes skill and training, which is why truck driving school is a key component. Learning the most you can from the best school helps you in many ways. You not only get a solid education, you learn real-world driving skills that help you excel in your new career as a truck driver. And once you learn from the best, you can be the best.

Here is everything you need to know about trucking school so you can make an educated decision on a rewarding and adventurous career.

Why Truck Driving School Is Important

Like with any career, education is important. The good thing about truck driving school is that you can get the needed basic education in 4 weeks.

Truck driving school teaches you everything that you need to get your Class A CDL, which is necessary to drive a truck professionally. Companies are more likely to hire someone who already has hands-on training. And Roadmaster Drivers School can help students get pre-qualified for jobs with their trusted carriers before they even graduate from school.

Classroom Training

As with any training, you’ll spend time in the classroom. What you learn there includes:

  • Practice tests for the CLP license exam
  • Pre-trip truck familiarization
  • Basic vehicle safety and controls
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Lane changes, visual search, space management, speed management, and communicating
  • Logging, hours of service, and trip planning
  • Transporting cargo
  • Railroad crossings, accident procedures, hazard awareness, anti-lock braking system, driving emergencies, skid control, recovery, and driving in various conditions.
  • Combination Vehicle Safety and Accident Avoidance

Truck Driving

After you gain a basic education in the classroom, you’ll have truck driving training in a real semi, and in real-world conditions. You’ll learn these things and more:

  • Visual pre-trip inspection
  • On the road driving in real-world conditions
  • Straight-line backing
  • Drop and hook procedures for trailers
  • Multiple scenario trailer backing skills
  • The essential operation of an automatic transmission truck

These tools help you become a better driver before you even have a job.

Financial Options

We understand that cost is important, but we ensure you have all the resources to pay for school. The significant thing about Roadmaster Drivers School is that we offer in-house financing to those who qualify to help cover tuition costs. There are other options too.

Some trucking carriers that recruit from Roadmaster offer up to 100% tuition reimbursement. You can choose who to work with, as we do not obligate our students to any carrier. Some programs we work with may mean that you pay little to nothing out of pocket. So, not only do you get the best training with a school that has over 100,000 graduates, but it may not even cost you anything.

Choosing a Truck Driving School

Roadmaster Drivers School is a hands-on truck driving school with multiple campuses located across the United States. Roadmaster is dedicated to preparing individuals for a truck driving career to meet the fast-growing need for qualified professional truck drivers.

By preparing students for a successful career by providing the best possible state-of-the-art training at our CDL training schools, Roadmaster works for every student’s success. Our reputation, which we are always building upon, helps ensure valuable future opportunities for graduates.

Want to learn more about how you get started? We help you get started, so contact us to learn more about how we get you prepared to be on the road. We’ll answer questions you have and tell you more about what it is we offer.

Benefits of a Truck Driving Career

The advantages of a professional truck driving career are vast. One highlight is the excellent pay. Drivers can start with an average salary of $45K per year. That’s just a starting point. Those who drive temperature-controlled trucks may earn up to $90K a year. According to Indeed, the average pay is $61,711 per year.

It all depends on the carrier you work for, what you’re hauling and a few other varying factors. The point is, it is difficult to find another job paying that well without a college degree or years of experience in the field.

Another benefit is the freedom you have on the road. You don’t have a supervisor in the same room with you and you can be on your own. You have choices too. Some jobs keep you on the road, and others allow you to be home regularly. This depends on what you’re looking for in your situation. But while you’re on the road, you don’t have to ask when to take a break or have someone else choose what you listen to on the radio.

One of the biggest advantages is getting to travel while getting paid to do so. You’ll get to see the best the United States (and sometimes Canada and Mexico) has to offer. From beaches and mountains to deserts and cities – there’s no other job that lets you see America and earn a good living at the same time. Especially not one that takes 4 weeks to learn. And just so you know, truck driving is pandemic-proof, and there isn’t a wage gap for female drivers.

If you’re wondering what a career in truck driving is like after you graduate, here’s some insight.

Roadmaster Truck Driving School Classroom

Every situation is unique, but there are a few things that you can count on with a career in truck driving. Unless you work for a company that requires a certain uniform or look, you can dress however you are comfortable. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance. It simply means that you get to choose.

As far as entertainment on the road, there is downtime where you can find things to do. When you’re not driving, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. Watch movies on your laptop, stay in touch through your phone or tablet. Read books or take in the sights. If you’re driving, there are also safe options for entertainment. From streaming radio stations to podcasts and books – the miles won’t stretch so far when you have something keeping you invested.

As mentioned, some drivers have regular time at home, and some stay on the road more. That depends on who you work for, what you’re hauling, and your preference. Some carriers even allow a partner or pet so that you’re not always alone. Some prefer to be alone. The significant thing is that you have choices.

Eating choices are many. Some trucks have access to a microwave, crockpot, or refrigerator. There are also places on the road to stop and get a bite – and connect with others. You can even stay healthy on the road as long as you have the proper mindset and make excellent choices.

Before you get on the road, choose a truck driving school that prepares you with the education you deserve. Roadmaster Drivers School educates you for a new career in professional truck driving where you’ll learn from the best and be the best.