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CLP Test Preparation: 10 Tips for Earning Your Class A Commercial Learner’s Permit

No matter what test you take, you do better when prepared. Studying and preparing for your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) test is no different. There is much information to know, so here are some tips on preparing for the CLP test

Plan Your Approach

Ensure you learn all about the exam and its requirements, so everything runs smoothly on the day of your exam. Make sure you are adequately prepared, and you know what they expect of you so that there are no unsettling surprises.

Find time in advance to devote to studying. That’s instead of trying to cram all of your preparation into a day or so. If you take this exam seriously, before you know it, you’ll pass and can move ahead to the hands-on skill development portion of the training process.

Learn the Essentials

The CLP exam covers many areas. You want to be as prepared as possible. Check out the DMV CDL study guide, which helps you understand what may be on the test. Study Guide Zone’s CDL Test Study Guide is also handy. This guide has the CDL basics, no matter what type of license exam you’re ultimately studying for.

Prepare Your Materials

Try to get set with everything you need before you study. Gather your materials such as your study guides, the CDL manual from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you choose, you can also have a CLP test prep book or site available. Prepare everything as if you have to bring it all to a class.

Take a Practice Test

One way to ensure you are ready to test is to take a practice exam. Sometimes you might think you know the material, only to find out that you need more study time on test day. A practice exam is a perfect way to see whether you’re on track with your knowledge or if you need to buckle down and learn more of the basics.

Choose the Right Environment

Choosing the right area, background, and study time is as important as the actual studying. Aim for a place where you can have quiet, without any interruptions. This will help you to buckle down and focus. But don’t forget to take breaks. Have plenty of water and snacks on hand. You want to study hard, but you also don’t want to neglect your well-being.

Test Yourself

One way to test yourself besides taking a practice test is to use flashcards and practice questions. These allow you to see how you’re doing if you’re not quite ready for the practice test yet. You can download helpful apps or use a site like Union Test Prep that offers free CLP flashcards and practice tests.

Check State Requirements

Keep in mind that every state has different requirements and may have some additional test questions. Therefore, it is crucial to have your state’s study manual. You can grab a hard copy of the CDL manual from your local DMV or download one from their website. You should at least read through the entire thing once – if not more often. This gives you an overview of what is on the test, even if you don’t absorb it all at once. 

Clp test preparation

Have Focus and Energy

The day of the exam is important. Make sure that you have had plenty of rest the night before and have eaten a good meal. You can’t focus as well if you’re tired or hungry, and neither is conducive to being at your best. You wouldn’t go to a track meet or football game when you’re tired or hungry, so why do it when your career depends on passing an exam?

Do More Than Memorize Material

Everyone has strategies that work better for them. Simply memorizing content doesn’t mean you’ll keep the material you need when it’s time to test. You must learn and understand, not just do the memory part. If you understand a question, it is easier to know how to answer it, even if you don’t know the exact answer. 

Some people use songs to study. Some use word association. Whether it’s flashcards, rhyming, singing, or practice tests that make it easier to learn, use these types of study tactics to learn the material more easily. 


While this sounds like a given, you’d be surprised at how many people think that they can pass a CLP exam whether they study or not. While some people can do this, most must learn the material more thoroughly. That means researching and committing to your success on the exam with thorough preparation.

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