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Core Carrier Highlight – Steven’s Transport

A career as a truck driver opens up a lot of opportunities. You’ll quickly discover that no two days are the same. It’s also a growing sector as more people shop online and businesses transform to become more resilient. As a truck driver, you get to travel to some amazing places and see sights you never dreamed of across the USA. There are opportunities for flexible hours, too, so you can fit other commitments around the job.

By training with a top company like Roadmaster Drivers School, you’ll find doors open in several first-class businesses when you graduate as a truck driver — and there’s good money to earn. Steven’s Transport is a great option for students coming out of truck driving school. Here’s why working for them could be your dream job.

Who is Steven’s Transport?

Stevens Transport is an industry leader in transporting refrigerated food. As a specialist in refrigerator transportation logistics, it is a leader in the supply chain to a range of businesses. The company was started by Steve L. Aaron in 1980 and is Dallas-based with an extensive network across North America. Stevens Transport has been operating for around 40 years and has built up connections, business leads, and infrastructure, and is a powerful leader today. It is now the largest refrigerated transportation company in Texas and a shining example of a successful family business. Stevens works with many Fortune 500 companies in the delivery of goods and supporting the supply chain. The company prides itself on high standards such as on-time delivery and has won many awards for its service. 

Stevens Transport has a diverse network across North America. Each trailer is adaptable for road and rail use, maximizing flexibility, and they can deal with surges in demand effectively. Of course, this makes them attractive to companies looking for support with their supply chain.

Stevens Transport

What are the Career Opportunities with Stevens Transport?

If you are looking for a job in an excellent company, working for Stevens Transport has a lot of benefits. Job security is on many people’s minds at the moment. In 40 years, Stevens Transport has never had to lay off employees. It also uses several innovative methods in its logistics operations so you will learn about new things all the time with Stevens. That not only makes the job interesting but places you in a splendid position as an employee as you’ll have that experience behind you. They also offer training programs and company benefits to their workers as well as the financial security of working in a successful company.

Stevens Transport has several ways workers can join the company, from training opportunities to qualified truck drivers. If you have completed the Roadmaster Drivers School Training Program, you will find opportunities in this company. Their website openly states they don’t just hire drivers, but make sure they succeed. Stevens values their drivers and see them as an extended part of their family. They even have an emergency driver assistance fund to help when there are difficulties. The company will support drivers to work around issues like childcare and other responsibilities. They can and will help drivers succeed in a diverse industry. Stevens also believes their company opportunities for drivers are more than just a job but a whole career path. Does that sound like the company you want to work for? 

Stevens Transport has several requirements for their driver recruits. You must be at least 22 years old and have 3 years minimum work experience in any industry. You’ll also need good references from previous employers and be able to pass the tests and legal requirements to drive. The company works in partnership with Roadmaster for job placement opportunities, so that’s a wonderful way to get to see whether Stevens is for you and the positive experience you’ll get working for a reputable organization.

How Do I Get to Work for a Company Like Stevens?

If you want to work for a top company like Stevens, you’ll need some basic training behind you so your application stands out and you have the best shot at the job. Roadmaster’s Truck Driver Training Program is one of the best in the USA and is highly respected by employers in the trucking industry. Roadmaster Drivers School is the nationwide leader in truck driver training.

Roadmaster has a lot of experience as it has been training for over 28 years and has over 100,000 graduates. If you are concerned about the cost of training with Roadmaster, there are solutions for you. Many of the companies we work with, including Stevens Transport, offer a tuition reimbursement program while you work with them. And because we are working in partnership with some of the USA’s best companies, we can assist students in securing employment with a transport business even before they graduate.

Roadmaster is a hands-on truck driving school helping to prepare students to take their Class A CDL skills test. And although we work with some of the best trucking companies, Roadmaster students are not contracted or bound to any carrier. Instead, at Roadmaster Drivers School, we focus on prepping students to obtain their Class A CDL and start a career as a safe commercial driver.

If you are looking for a carrier job in the trucking and transportation industry, then Roadmaster is your first port of call. They can get you started on a quality training program and connect you with top American companies so you get to work with a business that will support you to develop as well as employ you. If this sounds like the type of work you are looking for, reach out to Roadmaster Drivers School to start on a new career journey. Call us or email us, and we’ll take it from there.

Steves Transport

Train With Us

Roadmaster students are not contracted or bound to any carrier. Instead, we focus on prepping students to be the most competent and confident Professional Truck Drivers they can be. We are a hands-on driving school that prepares you to obtain your Class A CDL. We’ve trained students for over 28 years, and we’ve seen over 100,000 graduates. We not only help you find a job after you graduate, we offer in-house financing to those who qualify to help cover the cost of tuition. Don’t let the cost of CDL training scare you. There’s plenty of financial aid available to those who qualify.

Are you ready to become a successful truck driver and earn an amazing living? You might even get to see the country (and sometimes Mexico and Canada, too) while getting paid for it. It costs nothing to learn more, and the results may be exactly what you’ve always wanted.