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Carrier Highlight–Werner Enterprises

From the impressive paycheck to the wide variety of unique perks, being a professional truck driver is a gratifying career. Additionally, joining this workforce can happen in a few months. After attending a truck driving school to receive your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you’re free to start applying to the hundreds of available truck driving positions.

While there are various truck-driving school options to consider, Roadmaster Drivers School is among the most popular. Roadmaster is an industry-leading CDL training school that provides high-quality education from seasoned trucking professionals. In addition to offering some of the best truck driving education opportunities in the world, Roadmaster Drivers School also partners with a few trucking companies for job placement assistance purposes. One of which is Werner Enterprises. 

As one of the largest trucking companies on the planet, Werner Enterprises is well-respected in the trucking industry. Keep reading to learn more about Werner, the services they provide, and their wide variety of truck driving positions.

About Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is considered one of the most respected trucking companies on the planet. Being a leader in the logistics and transportation sector, the organization is powered by more than 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers, and nearly 13,000 employees.


Clarence L. (CL) Werner is the founder of Werner Enterprises. In 1956, Clarence bought a Ford-gasoline-powered truck and started running the business on his own. He began hauling in regional areas, carrying cargo for other organizations. As business would grow, he grew his company one truck at a time. Today, after 65 years of hard work and dedication, Werner Enterprises, Inc. is an asset-based logistics provider that’s considered one of the five largest truckload carriers in the entire country. 

Werner enterprises

Werner’s Trusted Solutions

Werner Enterprises is happy to offer advanced solutions for carriers, shippers, and truck drivers. The company partners with hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide reliable and efficient transportation and logistics services. 

Here is some more information about their offerings:


Werner has a network of more than 26,000 alliance carriers that enable shippers to distribute their products across the globe. As Werner is an experienced and well-recognized carrier themselves, they ensure their alliance carriers meet their specific standards of excellence.

Werner provides a long list of benefits for alliance carriers, including:

  • Simple, instant access to available loads
  • A variety of moving opportunities to place you in your head-haul markets
  • Fast and easy freight payment process
  • Short and long-term power only solution
  • Various awarded lanes available
  • Ad hoc freight to fill your spot needs

Werner frequently has a variety of freight opportunities, so they always maintain full trailers. Their personal service and attention to detail ensure on-time deliveries and long-term success.


Werner Enterprises offers some of the most dependable delivery services across the globe. With their advanced technology and variety of innovative resources, they can solve any company’s needs–big or small.

Werner offers the following shipping solutions:

  • Dedicated
  • One-Way Truckload
  • Logistics
  • Intermodal
  • Temperature-Controlled
  • Cross-Border
  • Expedited
  • Global Services
  • Final Mile

The company specializes in custom solutions based on the specific needs of the client. Their logistics team will work with you to find personalized freight management solutions.

Werner enterprises

Truck Drivers

Aside from carriers and shippers, the backbone of Werner Enterprises is their professional truck drivers. The business employs thousands of drivers across the globe, and every employee is offered a competitive compensation package with a variety of benefits. Furthermore, Werner offers many different types of truck driving positions. As the business provides unique supply chain solutions and diverse operations, there are various truck driving opportunities.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs Available at Werner

Given Werner’s large-scale offerings, there are many truck driving positions to consider. No matter what driving career you have in mind, Werner is here to help. Additionally, they continue to educate their drivers, providing them with many advancement opportunities.

Here are the various truck driving positions available at Werner Enterprises:

Truck Driving Opportunities

A Werner Truck Driver is a very sought-after position. Current drivers rave about the flexibility, impressive salary, and efficiency of the business. Since Werner is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, the business continues to post available jobs. If you’re interested in finding a professional truck driver job at Werner, check out their recent job postings on their website.

Team Truck Driver Jobs

Want to travel the country with a spouse or friend? If so, Werner Enterprises offers a variety of team truck driver opportunities. As the name implies, these drivers partner together during deliveries. Team truck drivers can take advantage of higher pay, incredible insurance benefits, and industry-leading technology.


Through the Operation Freedom Program, Werner created a military-friendly work environment for retired veterans. This includes an Apprenticeship Program, driving school tuition reimbursement, military support, and much more. Whether you have served or are currently serving, Werner provides a wide variety of truck driving opportunities.

Owner Operators

Werner is happy to also partner with Fleet Owners. From large fleets with only a few trucks to massive operations with hundreds of vehicles, Werner has the solutions you can trust. The company provides owner operators with freight and trailer equipment, competitive pay, and 24/7 support.

CDL Training at Roadmaster

Roadmaster provides one of the leading CDL training programs in the United States. In addition, Werner Enterprises works with Roadmaster to offer employment opportunities to graduates. This is a simple and straightforward route to get started as a professional truck driver.

The advanced training at Roadmaster includes:

  • Hands-on experience driving a truck in our practice facility
  • Experience operating in real-world conditions
  • Pre-trip inspection training
  • Education on map reading, trip planning, and compliance with Department of Transportation laws
  • Experience backing up, turning, and hooking/unhooking in an industry-standard 53ft trailer

If you’re interested in joining one of the largest and most reputable trucking companies in the world, apply for truck driving school at Roadmaster today.