Is Truck Driving Right For You?

If you have considered a new career, you might wonder if truck driving right for you. Learn more about what to expect from being an on-the-road driver.

Is Truck Driving Right For You?

It is often difficult to make a career change, and truck driving is no exception. And without having actually driven for a living, you may not know what to expect. Of course, there’s the Class A CDL Training, so it’s an investment of your time. Truck driving is a lifestyle for most drivers. So, here is what to learn so you can make an informed decision on a promising future. And if you’re interested in making a career in truck driving, we help you get your Class A CDL.

Truck Driving Is Different

With some jobs, you can try it out. That’s not true with being a truck driver. Even if you go for a ride with someone, it’s not the same. Why? Because, as we mentioned, truck driving is an entire lifestyle. It’s not a typical 8-5 job where you clock in and out. It’s not a job where you go to an office and go home when you’re done. You’re on the road by yourself for many hours. You’re sometimes traveling hundreds of miles in one day. For some, they wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is no mistake that it is probably very different from what you’re used to in a career.

Research Truck Driving Jobs

As with any major life choice, it’s important to do your research. And truck driving is no different. In fact, it may be even more important since it can be such a change to what you’re familiar with. There are plenty of online resources and places where you can find out more. For example, there are publications such as Landline Magazine, where they share insider information. Another is The Trucker. They also share industry news that applies to what drivers need to know.

Read up on information shared by veteran truckers. Iowa trucker Russ Allen had a 33-year career in driving and offered advice such as

The biggest obstacle he had to overcome in those days was “going into any big city, trying to find where to go unload. Over time it got easier, but it was a challenge.” Winter driving was an obstacle as well. “It takes time getting to know what the truck can or can’t do,” he noted, adding that slowing down when the roads got bad was key to his safe driving record.

All of this information gives you insight into current events, new technology, and advice from veteran truckers.

Talk To Another Driver

While you may not do a ride-along, talking to someone in the industry gives you an insider’s viewpoint. Reach out to your local truck driving school about speaking with someone. Have a cup of coffee or lunch with them and pick their brain about driving. It may surprise you at what all you learn. And it never hurts to get insider tips from someone who has done it for years. Ask them about how they became a truck driver. Would they choose another career if possible? Ask if there are things you should know before pursuing this career change. Anything you can think of that is important for you to know is worth finding out from someone who is in-the-know. You’ll get factual information from someone who is used to the lifestyle and what it entails.

Know the Obstacles But Embrace the Pros

Just like with any career, there are pros and cons. It is crucial to know the obstacles but embrace the pros.

Some obstacles for you may be different from others. For instance, do you mind solitude? For some, this is hard. You’re alone for hours and days. While you see others at truck stops or drop-off points, the rest of the time, you only have yourself as company. Yet, many carriers allow couples, pets, or team drivers. The point is, is this something that you don’t mind? Are you used to being by yourself? Do you tend to feel lonely if you’re not around others? However, you answer that question makes a world of difference.

It’s hard work. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and truck driving is no different. That means that there is hard work involved. Are you disciplined? Can you handle hard work and not get burned out?

Yet, truck driving has a wealth of advantages. You get to see the country and earn a living while doing so. Not everyone gets to visit all the states, and some never leave their own. Yet not only are you doing it while driving, but you’re also getting paid for it.

We consider truck drivers essential, so you won’t have to worry so much about your job. People depend on you, and that’s a pretty good feeling.

Many veteran truck drivers will tell you they wouldn’t change careers if they could. They love driving, which is why so many do it till retirement.

Let Us Help You Start a Career In Truck Driving

If you’ve done your research and are ready to start a rewarding career, we can help you get started. Roadmaster Drivers School can give you the knowledge and experience you need to get behind the wheel of a semi-truck. If you’re ready for a career in truck driving, we help you train for your Class A CDL in just weeks. Roadmaster helps students get pre-qualified for jobs before they even graduate from school. If you’re worried about tuition costs, we offer in-house financing for those who qualify. The trucking carriers that recruit from Roadmaster offer up to 100% tuition reimbursement while employed with the carrier. Are you ready to see where truck driving can take you? Apply today.