Career Services

Career Services at Roadmaster is a resource given to trainees to help them find and apply for jobs, for the length of their career, at no additional charge. With the help of our friendly industry experts, trainees learn the process of submitting an application to a carrier. Instructors guide students through job applications and see that trainees earning their CDL are given a choice of top-name carriers to apply to.

Applying For Your First Truck Driving Job

  • Starts on the very first day of orientation so trainees can learn and apply trucking knowledge day one.
  • Instructors go over mock applications with trainees and show them through the document, teaching critical skills.
  • Trainees fill out mock applications to the best of their knowledge.
  • Instructors follow-up, typically through a one-on-one, to go over the mock application with trainees for completeness and correctness.
  • Trainees are given a selection of carrier applications and can browse and choose which company roles best fit their preferred lifestyle.
  • The corrected mock application serves as a guide for trainees to use as they fill out actual applications for real CDL positions. Instructors are on hand should questions come up.
  • Carriers respond quickly and representatives visit the school to speak with trainees as training continues.

Getting Pre-Hired

Representatives from top-name carriers make frequent visits to Roadmaster facilities, typically with at least one rep from a core carrier visiting each week. This way, trainees can learn more about carriers and can interact with other industry professionals and ask important career questions.

From the carrier standpoint, representatives can come check out potential future talent and sell their best pitch. There is a big demand for Class A CDL trained truck drivers, and carriers compete with each other and provide interested drivers incentives and great benefits.

What is a Pre-Hire Letter?

A pre-hire letter states that you meet the company’s hiring requirements and that they are interested in employing you as a driver. Instead of worrying about job placement, you can sign on with a top carrier in your first week of classes!

Regardless of whether you decide to take the job, you could have an actual job offer (pre-hire letter) in your hand to compare with other offers.