One of the biggest questions incoming students have about CDL training is, “What happens if I don’t pass the CDL test on the first try?”

The funny thing about that? Most students do pass the exam their first time out. So, even though it’s one of the biggest concerns of many students, it’s also one of the least likely scenarios they might encounter, at least at Roadmaster Drivers School.

More good news is that, even if you don’t pass the CDL test on your first go, the world isn’t over! Roadmaster can still help you!

Let’s take a look at the process for CDL testing, and why you shouldn’t worry too much about not passing the first time.

Ready For The CDL Test From The Start

At Roadmaster, we do our absolute best to make sure that you’re ready for the CDL test before you take it the first time. In addition to the high standard of training we regularly provide each group of students, our expert instructors give individual attention to students who may be struggling with specific parts of their training.

Roadmaster does not just push its students through the course and have them take the CDL test before they’re ready.

Instead, if you are having difficulty getting the hang of a specific part of the CDL training course, our instructors will work with you on those weaker points to help you practice and learn what you need to in order to overcome the problem area.

That way, when you do finally take the CDL exam, you can be confident in your own abilities and that you have a good chance of passing.

Re-Training For and Re-Taking Your CDL Exam

So let’s say you’ve put in the hard work, practiced and learned as much as possible and you’ve still come up short on the CDL test. Now what?

First of all: Don’t panic! You’re not the first person in the history of CDL tests who needs a second a chance. You likely won’t be the last, either. The point is that it happens, and Roadmaster is here to help.

For students who don’t get past the CDL exam on the first try, Roadmaster works with you to go over the parts of the test that gave you trouble. When the instructors are confident that you’ve improved and are ready, you can re-take the test, this time even better prepared with extra training under your belt and likely much less nervous since you’ve taken the exam before and know what to expect.

Passing The CDL Test

When you do finally pass the CDL test, you’ll be ready to begin your career as a professional truck driver. In many cases, that will mean getting even more advanced training with whichever carrier you sign on with.

You might think, “But I’ll feel bad if I don’t pass the first time I take the test.” Well, you might at first. But you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes mistakes and some people just have difficulty with test taking in general. While we obviously want you to pass the test right away, there’s no shame in having to take it again. When you do get your Class A CDL license, it’s not like there will be an asterisk on it denoting how many tries it took you.

Plus, since you’ve had to go through slightly more training and some extra hard work in order to get your license, you’ll be able to appreciate it that much more.

As long as you show up each day ready to pay attention, learn and give your best effort, Roadmaster’s expert instructors will do their very best to help you turn your hard work into CDL test success and a career in the trucking industry