Training to get your CDL is a challenge in its own right, and the learning curve doesn’t end there. Trucking, like many professions, is forever changing and evolving, so let’s start with a basic question.

How do you determine what makes a truck the best? Is it the strongest engine that matters most? Is it a vanity decision based on appearance? Does comfort and function matter above the rest? We took this question to our Facebook and Twitter pages (@roadmastercdl)  and received answers from real drivers to provide the most accurate answers.

We Asked What Veteran Drivers Prefer?

Michael Hinkley I like a 13 speed, less movement of the stick and easier in mtns…. I think Paccar engine needs more R&D to work bugs out…. ISX has so many upgrades u must keep going to dealer to download $$$ and not that great of fuel mileage

Colin ColbourneIt boils down to personal preference above all else. Over the last 35 years I have driven a lot of different trucks. To pick one out of all of them is not an easy task. For all round comfort I would have to go with the International 9900I for the older ones and the Prostar for the newer ones. The one thing I found with them is they have more than enough blindspots as compared to others. For me the Kenworth T800 does come in first. More than comfortable enough to run and I find the visibility is good overall. That being said, there are good and bad in all makes and models. It is no different than a personal vehicle. You will function best with a unit that you are comfortable with.

Mike Donohue MACK Of course! Not only have they produced trucks with all the driveline made by them , but very well thought out, with most switches and controls in reach WITH the drivers back to the seat , no need to stretch like the lesser trucks. Also very practical in operational costs.


JD Dury 379 Peter Car 3408 Crazy Cat with Twin Outlaw Turbo’s

Matthew Harding I’ve been in 2 different trucks freightliner Cascadia and Peterbilt 386 both 2012 models as far as room goes I like the Cascadia. But I’m liking this 386 the more I drive it.

Robert Hoffman KW T680. Love it. Comfort is a precious commodity for over the road drivers. This truck is super comfortable and easy to operate.

Richard W Saqui Freightliner interior the best !!

Larry Cavanagh Western Star, more room, better ride, heavy duty

Scott Minetti Pete 379 long nose….

Darin KrauseThe best truck to drive? Virtually anything built prior to ’04. I’m sure that’s not ”helpfull” either, but it’s the truth. I’ve turned down a few newer trucks to stay in a ’99. Sure it’s noisy, has a few rattles & squeeks, the doors are getting drafty, & the A/C isn’t what it once was, but it gets the job done every night. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen our ’04 & newer trucks come in on the hook.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their opinions and thoughts. It’s great to see people share their experiences with the people who are searching for answers. The one thing we all have in common is that it takes real #DrivingAmbition to be a career trucker!