The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that during 2013 more than 95,000 people were injured in accidents that involved large trucks. Drivers improperly operating tractor-trailers were the cause of many of these accidents.

Instructor Patricia Perry at Roadmaster Drivers School of Tampa says, “I see people take ridiculous chances every day.” With some trucks weighing in at over 80,000 pounds, Patricia compares it to being hit by a tank.

Comprehensive CDL Training Can Save A Life

Semi trucks have large blind spots on the front, sides, and rear. Because of this, it is important for truck drivers to think ahead when attempting to navigate the road.

Students at Roadmaster receive training that specifically targets how to deal with reckless drivers (and keep an eye out for drivers potentially in their blind spots).

Perry demonstrated just how difficult dealing with bad drivers could be to Lindsay Mathis of News Channel 8.

To mimic a car suddenly stopping, Perry placed traffic cones in the training road. After receiving expert instruction, Lindsay took the truck for a spin and was able to safely stop a tractor-trailer without hitting the cones, even after being ordered to stop at the last second.

Comprehensive CDL training is crucial when dealing with drivers who may not know the rear blind spot can be the length of two trailers.

Fortunately, Roadmaster Drivers School of Tampa offers the training you need to become a safe, professional truck driver.

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