Roadmaster’s Bethlehem, PA, CDL training school — Roadmaster Drivers School’s newest of its nationwide locations — has been training students looking to become professional truck drivers since January of 2015.

Roadmaster of Bethlehem School Director James Geletei, who has over 20 years of experience in managing schools, offers some thoughts below on the local Bethlehem/Allentown/Easton area and how Roadmaster’s comprehensive CDL training program has been helping men and women from the region in their efforts to achieve successful new careers.

Why Bethlehem, PA, Is A Great Place For CDL Training

Bethlehem is Pennsylvania’s seventh largest city, just north of Philadelphia. Truck routes that link New England to the rest of the country run throughout the region, carrying vital supplies.

This is good news for students looking to train at Roadmaster of Bethlehem because these roadways cross many different types of terrain that CDL drivers can expect to see out on the road during their careers, from mountains and hills to cities and urban areas. This makes Bethlehem, PA, perfectly located for training new drivers.

Things To Do In Bethlehem

Bethlehem is also a great place to enjoy a ton of different activities between classes. The area has something for practically everyone, from Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Dutch Springs Aqua Park and Coca-Cola Park (home to the local Minor League Baseball team) to Bethlehem’s annual Musikfest, the Central Bethlehem Historic District and Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. So, students wanting to relax on a day off won’t have to look far to find something to do.

When Mr. Geletei first came to the city himself, he was unfamiliar with the area and decided to do some research. He found it was packed with places to go, like clubs, casual sit-downs and upscale restaurants.

“There’s so many places around here,” says Geletei. “I’m actually amazed that in all the time living only 50 miles from here, I didn’t know about how great a place this is.”

CDL Training To Get Excited About

Afraid of making a commitment to training? You’re not alone.

Mr. Geletei says that prospective students aren’t really undecided about actually getting a CDL. Instead, they’re more concerned about the money. They want to make sure they’re financially stable while in school.

Mr. Geletei points out, though, that once potential drivers see how quickly they can get trained and into a new career, they usually trade their concern for excitement and focus on getting into school.

Professional Truck Drivers Come From All Walks Of Life

So where do people looking for a comprehensive CDL training program come from? Many students at Roadmaster of Bethlehem have come from warehouse, forklift, and box truck positions, according to Mr. Geletei, because many people in these jobs constantly come into contact with Class A CDL drivers who tell them about the career opportunities available in Professional Truck Driving. People in these positions are well primed to make that jump into Trucking because they’re familiar with the physical requirements of the job and have had a chance to speak to actual drivers in the field. These men and women often are well aware of the advantages of earning a Class A CDL license.

Still, it’s important to remember that professional truck drivers come from all walks of life.

Regardless of what your previous job experience may have been, when it comes to starting a career in Trucking, professional Class A CDL training is the initial step for setting yourself up for a successful future.
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Huge Demand for Professional Truck Drivers Means Tons of Trucking Jobs

Roadmaster Drivers School has already made a valuable impact in and around the Bethlehem community. While Pennsylvania is known for its coal and iron towns, there still are many people who are underemployed or unemployed. Roadmaster is working hard to help those men and women.

Mr. Geletei is noticeably proud whenever he speaks about the students Roadmaster of Bethlehem has helped to get into a new career.

“I’ve been in education for 23 years,” Mr. Geletei said. “It got a little discouraging for me managing programs that were two, three, four years long and seeing the kinds of salaries they were making which I didn’t think were enough to bring to another level in life… but seeing a four-, five-week program with minimal investment and the kind of income you can have, I will tell you, I am more excited to be doing what I’m doing than ever before.”

And it’s not just Roadmaster that’s eager to get people driving trucks, either. Some of the nation’s top carriers, like Werner, Covenant, TransAM, and TMC come to Roadmaster of Bethlehem to speak directly to students about job opportunities. These recruiters come the very first week of training to give presentations and pre-hire new, qualified drivers.

As Mr. Geletei put it, “They’re being recruited like college athletes” by some of the top companies in the country. “I don’t think they expected that. It’s quite exciting.”

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Roadmaster: A CDL Training School That Cares

While Roadmaster Drivers School of Bethlehem serves residents from all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to Mr. Geletei most students come from the Allentown/Easton area. That means a lot of friends and family get referred by graduates, some from as far away as Harrisburg. In fact, if you’re in the neighborhood of Bethlehem, you may very well already know someone who has gone to Roadmaster Drivers School.

This familiarity is something you won’t get by training with strangers across the country. Instead, with Roadmaster of Bethlehem, you may be among friends and neighbors right from your very own community.

Mr. Geletei also does his part to contribute to this sense of community. “I meet every student that comes in… I love meeting everyone that comes in. I tell them simply this: When you’re here, you’re my family. You will be treated that way.”

Even though Roadmaster of Bethlehem has only been open for a few months, graduates are already calling in from across the country to thank the staff for their help and encouragement. The school also hosts a ceremony every week for graduating students, with many expressing that they never in their lives have received as much support as the school has given them during their time in training.

Mr. Geletei believes that it is this level of service and commitment that he and his staff offer to students that sets Roadmaster of Bethlehem apart from any other CDL training school in Pennsylvania.

So, if you’d like to work with Mr. Geletei’s expert team in Bethlehem at one of the top CDL training schools in the country, our friendly Admissions Representatives can help!