Are you hungry for a career?

After 22 years of business, nothing makes us at Roadmaster Drivers School more proud than seeing one of our former students giving back by hosting his own series of helpful videos on YouTube. With over 350 videos and almost 300,000 views, MrSinnizter Datrucker (born: Anthony Harrell) is building a cult following while sharing the tricks of the trade with his peers. Why does he do this?

“The reason behind my videos is to give back and help people to stop working at dead end jobs and living check to check. I want people to be able to take care of their family and have money put away for retirement”, says MrSinnizter. 

With video titles like

Roadmaster Drivers School wanted to understand who the man is behind the wheel. So we caught up with MrSinnizter and asked him a few questions.

What’s was your job before trucking?

Before I got into trucking, I was working at LaGuardia airport as a fueling technician for a company called Servisair making only $11.40 an hour after my first full year being there. I needed to find myself a career that would allow me to to take care of my bills, pay my child support and put money away for retirement. I knew I wanted a career that would better my life.

Why did you choose the trucking industry?

I wanted to have a career that could allow me to become debt free and to accomplish my goals in life. I called Roadmaster Drivers School and they helped me accomplish my goal in by becoming a professional truck driver. I had to get the 160 hours of cdl training since the major trucking companies told me that they can’t hire me because I didn’t go through an accredited trucking school. With my credit not being that good, I needed a co-signer or to come up with $2400 for tuition, but I couldn’t afford that. My sister believed in my dream so much that she co-signed for me to live out my childhood dream. I promised my sister that I wouldn’t let her down after they gave me the breakdown on the cost of the school. Once I was approved, they  put me on grey hound bus to Columbus, Ohio to start my dream.


How has Trucking changed your life since graduating from Roadmaster Drivers School and working for Werner Enterprises (link)?

Trucking has changed my life so dramatically I can’t believe it. I am now a man who no longer lives check to check or has to worry about struggling with my rent or debt. My child support is fully paid up. I no longer come home stressing about the money. I’m finally getting that grown man money I deserve . . . lol . . . It feels great to build up my savings account and put money away for retirement. I get to travel and see the beautiful things throughout this nation as I drive up and down the highways. 
I’m currently working towards getting a house for my family and looking forward to becoming an owner operator and invest in my own business. 
I just want everybody to know that this is my experience in trucking and it doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience. You get from trucking what you make of it. Whatever company you decide to go work for, just remember, hard work plus dedication equals success! I wish everyone much success in their trucking careers – MUCH LOVE from your boy!

Mr. Sinnizter DaTrucker

To follow Mr. Sinnizter, look him up on twitter @SinnizterHouse and on YouTube