How to pay for CDL Training

You’ve seen the Trucks on the road, and now you’re ready to make the career change you’ve been talking about by becoming a Professional Truck Driver. With that commitment in mind, don’t let the cost of CDL Training hold you back, Roadmaster is here to help!

Remember: An education is an investment, and few investments offer such short turn-around and steady, high return as an education in the trucking industry. So we put together a few tips for helping you along in the search for CDL success!

Ways to finance your CDL Training

  • Regular bank loan
  • For qualified candidates, Roadmaster offers financial assistance
  • Roadmaster also works with many trucking companies that offer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Roadmaster cares about our students and cares about the investment they make towards their future. With numerous carriers sending Driver Recruiters to our schools each month, you will be able to find the best fit for you in terms of pay rates & bonuses, driving options, schedules, home time, benefits and other perks!

How do you get a pre-hire letter?

To get a pre-hire letter, individuals must first submit their applications for positions with carrier companies. Carriers will then review the application to determine if the candidate is a good fit for their company. They aren’t going to waste the time and money to bring drivers to orientation if they don’t meet company standards.

Tips for earning a pre-hire letter

  • Enroll in a comprehensive truck driver training school like Roadmaster, where you will learn essential skills and trucking know-how
  • Come prepared to learn and take the course seriously. Ask questions as often as you need and stay engaged in the class
  • Fill out carrier applications honestly and thoroughly, seeking help from job placement personnel if needed
  • Show interest and ask questions when carriers visit your CDL training school

The best way to begin CDL training is to contact a truck driving school and find out how to get enrolled. Roadmaster Drivers School offers CDL training to start a career as a professional truck driver. With over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and multiple locations across the U.S., they can get you enrolled and off to a good start on the road to your new career.