The big question that a lot of incoming truck driving students wonder is, “Will I really get a full-time job with benefits after I graduate truck driving school?

It’s a fair question. After all, that’s basically the point of attending a CDL training school, isn’t it? You want to get the proper training to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the CDL test. That way, you can drive a truck professionally and earn a better life for yourself.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of students — at least at Roadmaster Drivers School — are hired by Trucking carriers after graduation, and many of those students are even pre-hired within the first couple weeks of training.

As much as you may want some sort of promise or guarantee, it’s important to remember that nothing in Life, let alone in Trucking, is ever a 100% certainty.

Below, we look at why the odds of success are in your favor when it comes to Trucking, as well as what you’ll need to do to get your hands on that successful future you’re reaching for.

The Current Trucking Industry Has Plenty of Jobs

The great thing about professional truck driving is that few other occupations offer you the opportunity to go from unemployed or underemployed to a successful career in such a short amount of time. At Roadmaster Drivers School, for example, training only takes about 4 weeks on average. So, in roughly a month’s time, you could get the training you need to be prepared for the Class A CDL test.

That relatively short turn-around time is great, but even better is that once you’re qualified to drive, the trucking industry has tons of open jobs. At this very moment, in fact, there is a shortage of professional truck drivers. Unlike certain other industries that might be flooded with job seekers going after the same few openings, Trucking has plenty of room for qualified individuals who have the proper training and who are willing to work hard to earn a better future.

Let’s look at what kinds of jobs are out there, and what sorts of pay and benefits those jobs typically offer:

Kinds of Trucking Jobs

Most Class A CDL drivers start out as over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers. Once they’ve done long haul for a little while, though, there is a wide variety of CDL and CDL-related jobs available in the industry for experienced men and women. Some professional truck drivers choose to continue driving OTR, while others eventually switch to regional or local driving or other support roles within Trucking.

Obviously, then, pay depends on the carrier, the type of driving, your experience level, safe driving and a number of other factors. The average salary for a professional truck driver is almost $40,000 per year, and with some hard work and smart choices you could make even more. For more information on how much money truck drivers make, including a deeper dive into the factors that can affect pay, click here to check out a recent Roadmaster blog article on that topic.

Regardless of the exact type of job and pay rate, though, the shortage of qualified professional truck drivers means that many of the industry’s jobs are full-time and come with benefits.

Usual Truck Driver Benefits

As far as benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that you can pick which carrier you choose to sign with, which means you have a say in deciding which benefits package you get. Each company’s benefits are a little bit different, depending on many of the same factors that go into determining your pay, so you’ll have the chance to choose whichever company offers you the benefits that best fit your needs.

Some relatively standard Trucking Industry benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Days
  • 401(k)

Plus, don’t forget about the built-in benefits of Trucking, including getting to see the country and having job security (truck driver jobs can’t be outsourced), among others.

How To Land A Truck Driver Job With Benefits

As we said above, Trucking has plenty of jobs with solid benefits. Still, it’s important to do what you can in order to increase your odds of securing a job with one of the top carriers. That way, you’ll be in a good position to have a successful career for years to come.

The Truck Driving School and Quality of CDL Training

Attending a good CDL training school is probably one of the single biggest advantages you can have as you enter the industry. Aside from it being very difficult to pass the Class A CDL exam without the proper training, truck driver school also gives you some much needed experience with all aspects of driving a truck. From filling out log books to actually driving on the road and everything in between, many carriers want you to have some experience before they’ll hire you, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at truck driving school.

With proper, comprehensive CDL training from expert instructors, carriers will know that you at least have many of the basics down pat and are ready to learn the more advanced techniques you’ll be practicing once you sign with a Trucking company. They’ll also know you’re coming to them with some understanding of the hard work it will take to succeed as a full-fledged professional truck driver.

Just be sure that you’re attending a credible CDL training school. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your time and money without getting a job out of it.

Roadmaster Drivers School, for example, has a complete, comprehensive CDL training program where more than 75,000 students have successfully learned truck driving skills from the school’s seasoned trainers over the past 20+ years. Check with whichever school you’re considering and make sure it has those kind of numbers to back up any claims it makes about the quality of its training. That’s one of the best ways to avoid a scam or ripoff.

Job Placement Assistance and Pre-Hiring

Another useful tool to look for in choosing a CDL training school is Job Placement Assistance. A good school will have some solid relationships with various carriers and will be able to help you get your foot in the door at the very least.

Even better would be a school that helps you find the carrier that’s right for you. That way, you’ll end up with a job that fits your needs and a benefits package that makes sense for you as an individual.

Take Roadmaster Drivers School, for example. Thanks to the school’s multiple locations across the country and its reputation as one of the premier truck driving schools in the industry, Roadmaster has been able to build solid relationships with many of the nation’s top carriers. Because Roadmaster has worked with those carriers for so many years and established itself as a valuable resource for hiring future professional truck drivers, the overwhelming majority of students who graduate from Roadmaster have been able to get hired and start new careers in the industry.

Plus, Roadmaster doesn’t just ask its students to fend for themselves. Instead, Roadmaster has a Job Placement Assistance program that helps these men and women to make the best possible choices for their futures.

On top of the Job Placement Assistance program and the sheer number of students who are hired following their graduation, many qualified Roadmaster students even get pre-hired, meaning they sign contracts with their future employers before they even graduate! That removes a lot of the uncertainty involved in the process and helps those students focus that much more on their training.

Your Time Is Now!

Regardless of how you get there, Trucking is a great option for job seekers. Professional truck drivers are in-demand and while, as we’ve said, nothing is guaranteed, this is one occupation where an actual career is achievable for the qualified men and women who are willing to go through the process and get the proper training from a credible, established CDL training school.

Since that training process only takes 3-4 weeks on average and has the flexibility to fit into your schedule, at least at Roadmaster Drivers School, now is the time to take the first step toward that successful future — the one with strong potential for a full-time job and benefits — that you’re looking for in today’s job market.

The journey starts here:

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