How long does it take to start a new career? Well the answer — it all depends on the career — may seem obvious, but actually is the opposite of what you probably think.

See, if you want a desk job where you go to the same office, day after day, and stare at a screen for hours on end until your eyeballs feel like they’re going to melt, that’ll probably take at least two to four years of college. Plus, it’s likely that you’ll have to compete in the general job market where opportunities aren’t exactly falling off of trees these days.

By this point you might be thinking, Well, trade school doesn’t take that long. And you’re right, but even most trade schools require a good bit of time spent learning, training and apprenticing, and at the end of the day you still will need to track down a job.

Now, let’s say you want the type of lifestyle where the scenery continues to change from one hour to the next; where each and every day brings with it a sense that your work matters because you’re making a real impact in communities across the country.

In this professional career, adventure is at your fingertips as your journey unfolds right before your windshield. Any guesses on which job this could be?

Here’s a hint: Without this profession, there wouldn’t be any groceries on the shelves of your local supermarket. We’re talking about commercial truck driving, of course!

On top of the excitement the open road has to offer, the current demand for commercial drivers is HUGE! There are a TON of jobs available RIGHT NOW! Plus, the average salary for a new driver with the right training is close to $40,000/year right out of the gate, not to mention great benefits!

The best part? You could be CDL-certified and on your way to that new career in just 16 days! Seriously, 16 days! All that separates you from living your adventure could be yours in less than a month. Here’s how it works: