Let’s say you have an okay job, but you want a chance to excel and earn a lot more money than you make now. The perfect solution is CDL truck driving, where first year drivers can make $40,000-$45,000!* And that’s not all the money you could make! Carriers are offering bonuses and various benefits to draw in new truck drivers during the current shortage. All you’ll need is a comprehensive truck driver training course to teach you the skills to earn your Class A CDL and excel in a trucking career!

But getting the training to move from a job to a career? How are you expected to do that with a full-time job?

If taking CDL training courses during the week isn’t really an option, you can train to be a truck driver at Roadmaster during your weekends! With locations across the country, you can keep your paying job during the week and still train for a promising career in the truck driving industry.

Get your Class A commercial driver's license on the weekend at Roadmaster

Why You Need a CDL

In order to be eligible for a career in trucking you’ll need to pass your CDL exam, which will include a driving and written test. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all drivers to demonstrate safe trucking before they can drive tractor-trailers on the highways.

CDL training sets you up for a career in trucking by teaching key skills and know-how to be a safe and valued driver for major carriers. By passing your CDL exam, you can enter a career field with high demand that comes with many incredible benefits. Depending on the company carrier you choose to sign on with, you could be looking at great starting perks like

  • Paid vacation
  • Job security
  • 401k plans
  • Medical insurance
  • Mileage bonuses
  • Flexible schedules, and many others

Why miss out? If the weeks are too busy and night classes aren’t an option, try weekend courses to earn your CDL! Roadmaster’s weekend CDL training follows the same coursework as the weekday classes, just on a modified schedule.

Weekend CDL Classes at Roadmaster

Why choose Roadmaster for weekend CDL classes?

Our instructors are industry professionals who are dedicated to giving each trainee the best truck driver training around. Sure, you’ll need to pass your CDL exam regardless and show proficiency as a driver, but you’ll want more than that when the test is over. Roadmaster courses are designed to teach you everything else you’ll need to know for a truly successful career! Practice essential maneuvers such as shifting and coupling while learning how to search for jobs and manage your schedules as a truck driver.

Are weekend CDL training sessions enough?
Yes! Some Roadmaster students who take CDL classes during the day or in the evenings are able to complete their courses in as few as four weeks. The speed of your training course is up to you! Weekend courses run on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 6pm, and the program length is traditionally eight weeks. If you need more time to train, all you have to do is let a friendly Roadmaster representative know.

What’s covered in truck driver training?

Our comprehensive program is 160 hours long and includes both behind-the-wheel training and classroom-style instruction. You’ll learn everything you need to know to pass your CDL exam while taking home some professional pointers for a promising career in trucking! Carrier companies make frequent visits to Roadmaster facilities, which give trainees the option to engage and ask questions about their future as CDL-trained truck drivers. Also, Roadmaster graduates can always work with our Job Placement assistance program to look for trucking jobs.

What if I can’t afford truck driving school?

For those who qualify, Roadmaster offers financial assistance if needed. Another great benefit of Roadmaster is that we work with many carrier companies who offer tuition reimbursement. Some of our partner carriers offer up to 90% of your tuition back! Discuss the cost of driving school with a Roadmaster representative by first leaving some contact information for us to reach you.

What’s next?

If you’re serious about pursuing a truck driving career but can’t find the time in the week to train, weekend CDL classes at Roadmaster are a must! We’ll show you the ropes on truck driving and teach you essential tools for success in your new career!

*wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises