Continuing education can be a daunting decision. For one thing, all of that extra schooling can get really expensive., in their latest survey on college pricing, determined that the “moderate” tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 school year was over $23,000. And for private universities? An average of over $46,000! Attending a typical four-year college definitely isn’t a feasible option for everyone.

College also isn’t a fit for all learning styles. After 12 mandatory years of education, it’s difficult to get into the spirit of more school. Spending another few years jumping back and forth between subjects and classes, researching and essay writing, may not sound like the time of your life.

The good news is not every career path requires a degree. Many incredible occupations ask only for an accredited certificate that proves you have the skills and competency to perform the job tasks. Take Professional Truck Driving, one of Good Financial Cents’ top 21 highest paying jobs that don’t require college degrees.

The Professional Truck Driving Industry asks that interested individuals have a current driving license, a clean driving history, and a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which can be earned after successful completion of Professional CDL training at one of our 13 national Roadmaster locations.

Why Professional Truck Driving?

America’s economy is turning around and the production of goods is increasing, which means steady work for truck drivers. American Trucking Associations states that 68.9% of all freight tonnage is moved on the nation’s highways. As the economy continues to improve, more and more positions will become available for Professional Truck Drivers. Thanks to things like increasing demand and a current shortage of 48,000 drivers, anyone looking to earn their CDL is setting up for a career with plenty of job security.

Don’t fret about the future any longer! Let Roadmaster help you down the path to a career in Professional Truck Driving. Contact us by filling in the information to the right, and put your life in drive!