During your pre-trip check this Halloween 2014, be sure to inspect your Ghoul-year tires, check the witch-shield wipers and make sure there’s plenty of diesel in your fear tank.

Oh, and once your rig is ready to roll, you might want to stay away from these haunted roads:

(Read on… if you dare. Muhahahaha!)

Bloods Point Road (Boone County, IL)

There are enough ghost vehicles here to create a permanent rush-hour problem in the afterlife. Phantom vehicle sightings include big rigs, pick-up trucks and school buses. Even if there’s no ghost traffic this Halloween, though, you don’t want to break the speed limit on this road. According to reports, there’s also a ghost cop car!

Kelly Road (Ohioville, PA)

The story here is that when animals cross certain parts of this road, they turn rabid all of the sudden. Why did the chicken cross the road? Our best guess is that it was running away from demonic rabies. Unless you’re hauling a trailer filled with zombie veterinarians, you might want to stay off this stretch on October 31.

Dead Man’s Curve (Clermont County, OH)

This bend isn’t just spooky, it’s downright dangerous. The sharp curve itself is something to beware whether it’s Halloween or not, as there have been many tragic accidents here. On top of the driving hazard, though, you need to watch out for floating ghost-cars and even ghost-carriages! Add reports of ghastly hitchhiker spirits into the mix and you can see why you’re better off skipping this route on Halloween.

Clinton Road (West Milford, NJ)

From phantom headlights chasing after you to possessed animals and a ghost boy, there are enough reports of haunted happenings along this road to make it worth taking the long way around.

Highway 666 (Utah)

Where to even begin with this one? It’s rumored that ghosts along this highway will do everything from climbing into the cab with you and trying to steal your soul, to creating visions of animals or out-of-control trucks in the middle of the road to try to get drivers to wreck. Whether caused by ghosts or just bad luck, there have been enough accidents on this road that they decided to change the highway number from 666 to 191.

The Devil’s Promenade (Hornet, MO)

If the name doesn’t creep you out, the strange green light shining through the trees after dark will. Sightings of the light date back to the early 1800’s, but even today no one knows for sure what it is (DUN DUN duunnn).

Boy Scout Lane (Stevens Point, WI)

According to this tale, a group of boy scouts in the 1950’s met a gruesome fate while camping in the woods near this road. Today, it’s rumored that the scouts’ ghosts will sometimes appear out of nowhere, looking scary as all get-out. Thankfully, this is a privately owned road, so you’d have to get pretty well lost to end up here. If you do find yourself on this road on Halloween, though, it might be best to stay in the cab and work on your “Not-Blinking-For-Hours-On-End” badge.

Want to know what’s even scarier for new truck drivers than all of these haunted roads put together? Getting your Class A CDL from anywhere other than Roadmaster Drivers School! Muhahahaha!