What Is Truck Driving School Really Like?

Roadmaster is a hands-on truck driving school and CDL training center with locations across the United States. Roadmaster provides you with the CDL training you need to get either a Class A CDL to help you start your Professional Truck Driving career. With classes forming weekly, you can be on your way to an exciting new career in as little as 3-4 weeks! Roadmaster also offers free job placement assistance after graduation. Tuition assistance is also available for those who qualify. Roadmaster Drivers School provides professional truck driver training that will prepare you for a career in the trucking industry. And how do we do that?

Carl Matthews, a Roadmaster Training Director says: “You’re going to get intense training. You’re going to get complete training for the trucking industry. We cover all aspects of everything that’s needed for the trucking industry. When you leave here, you’re fully prepared to go out and start with a company. And what we do here is we build a good foundation of a student that’s never even been inside of a truck before. Start with the classroom. We cover all the classroom curriculum, the logs, the recap. We cover federal motor carriers regulations. Different things inside the classroom, we prepare them for the permits. Half the class will be out on a back-up pad. The other half of the class will be on the road.

“So all the new guys will be in the classroom for the first, pretty much the first 40 hours of their training are in the classroom. But they’re not always in the classroom. They’re outside doing pre-trip inspection training. They’re doing logbook training. We have a computer lab. So there’s a lot of stuff going on in that first 40 hours of school. You’re going to be in a real truck. We have a 22-foot conventionals pulling industry standard 53-foot trailers. By the end of the first week, they’re actually driving tractor trailers. They go out, they drive on the highway each day, progressively getting more complicated, until the point that they’re able to pass those tests”

Still Wondering If A New Career As A CDL Professional Is Right For You?

People from all walks of life have found their exciting new career at Roadmaster. “There’s all sorts of people that come in to see me. I’ve got people that have master’s degrees. I have people that didn’t graduate high school. We get everybody here. It’s the most diverse community you will ever see. I just had a guy in here, and he was in construction. Now a lot of my students are former construction people that worked in that industry. Well construction, as you know, is up and down. So he would tell me, “Well, I’d worked three months, and I’d go on unemployment. Work another three months and go on unemployment.” And a lot of why he was here, hey I don’t think he just woke up one day and said “I want to be a truck driver.” I think he was looking for something with good, consistent income that he can support his family with. And I think that’s what brought him to Roadmaster.”

In these uncertain economic times, Roadmaster provides you with the training you need to begin a stable career for you and your family. “There is no such thing as a laid-off truck driver. Like I said, we have an excellent placement rate. Roadmaster in general, across the board, has an excellent placement rate. If they can get through the representative and get into school, we can usually work with anybody, and as long as they’re willing to work with us and do the applications, they’re going to go to work. They’re going to go to work. Everything that’s delivered in America, everything is delivered by truck. There are four million truck drivers in America. There is work. The majority of all of our students have jobs waiting for them before they graduate. Some have more than one.”