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CDL Training

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver? With a Class A CDL license, you’ll be able to transport cargo across state lines with a tractor-trailer. Roadmaster is a great Truck Driving School that can help you get your Class A CDL in about a month. After you’ve acquired your license, you’ll be ready to go to your employer for additional training and onboarding.

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Which type of CDL License Do I Need?

To drive a commercial motor vehicle, anyone operating it must hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This type of license requires more advanced skills and knowledge compared to those needed to operate a car or a lighter vehicle.

For any combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 or more pounds, including towing a vehicle of 10,000 or more pounds, a Class A CDL License is required. These are mainly for long-distance tractor-trailer drives.

A Class B CDL License is required for single vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds, such as buses, dump trucks, tow trucks, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks.

Cdl training
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CDL Training at Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster Drivers School offers an exceptional Class A CDL Training Program that equips you with the right set of skills to acquire a Class A CDL and apply for entry-level positions in the trucking industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced CDL instructors ensure you receive comprehensive and realistic training to get your CDL. We also have a Job Placement Assistance program that helps you to get pre-qualified for jobs prior to graduating.

During the program, you’ll gain invaluable experience by practicing driving in our facility and on the roads, including:

  • Performing Pre-Trip Inspections.
  • Exploring map reading, trip planning, and understanding DOT laws.
  • Becoming familiar with how to identify common tractor-trailer maintenance issues.
  • Learning how to hook and unhook a 53ft trailer, back up, and make different kinds of turns.

Our truck driver training schools offer outstanding learning environments, with modern classrooms and computer labs, exclusive tractor-trailers specifically for student use, and purpose-built driving courses.

Our CDL classes will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Class A CDL license exam. Take the opportunity to learn essential skills that will help you to embark on a career as a professional truck driver.

At our locations, you can find automatic transmission trucks that will help you gain the skills needed to launch a successful career in the truck driving industry. Learning to drive these modern vehicles is essential to setting yourself up for success.

What Sets Roadmaster Apart?

Roadmaster is highly respected among CDL training schools because, in over 30 years of operation, we have proudly trained over 100,000 men and women to get their Class A CDL. We are committed to helping future truckers pass the CDL knowledge and skills tests and get their new careers on the road in about a month!

Locations Nationwide

Roadmaster Drivers School is a hands-on truck driving school with multiple locations located across the United States.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify. We work with students with all types of credit histories to help them pay for school.

Job Placement Assistance

Job Placement Assistance. We help our students find work before they even finish school. You may be pre-hired by a trucking company before you even graduate!

Hands -On Training

We help our students find work before they even finish school. You may be pre-hired by a trucking company before you even graduate!

Top-Notch Equipment and Facilities

Our truck driver training schools include spacious classrooms and computer labs, specially designed field-driving courses, and late-model tractor-trailers exclusively for student training.

CDL Focused Classes

Our CDL classes focus on Class A CDL license exam preparation for the knowledge and skills test. Learn essential skills for your career as a professional truck driver.

Automatic Transmission Trucks

Automatic Transmission trucks are available at all our locations. You will learn how to drive these modern trucks to prepare for your career as a driver in the truck driving industry.