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Truck Driving School in Dunn, NC

CDL Training School, located in
Dunn, North Carolina.

Truck Driving School in Dunn, NC

Launch your career as a tractor-trailer driver in North Carolina with a professional truck driving school in Dunn. This central North Carolina location is ideally located to help you train to earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Whether you call this city home or wish to commute from another area of North Carolina, find out how to get a CDL in Dunn.

How to Get a CDL in Dunn, NC

As a first-time commercial truck driver, you must complete Entry-Level Driver Training before earning a Class A CDL in Dunn. You must then complete the CDL exam to start driving professionally. Here are the basic requirements outlined by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles you need to meet:

  • Be at least 21 years old to operate between states
  • Hold a valid driver’s license in North Carolina
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship or legal presence
  • Pass a background check, medical examination, and vision test
  • Complete the vehicle inspection, basic control, and road tests

This may not represent a complete list of requirements, so be sure to check with your local driving school for more information. In addition to earning a CDL for the first time, you’ll also need to follow state and federal requirements to renew your license and continue to operate a commercial vehicle.

At Roadmaster CDL school in Dunn, our skilled training team helps you practice the real-world skills you need to confidently take the CDL exam. Ask about medical exemptions and other situations if you’re concerned about completing these tests.

Before taking the CDL exam, you’ll earn your Commercial Learner’s Permit. This allows you to drive an industry-standard tractor-trailer before you earn your CDL. There are three different types of CDL licenses: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Earn a Class A CDL to legally drive trucks with a combined gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more.

Quality CDL Training in Dunn

Your local truck driving school in Dunn offers hands-on CDL training to jump-start your career. Join the industry with a training school that’s been operating for more than 30 years to learn these and other skills:

  • Automatic truck handling — Navigate our driving facility and the open roads around Dunn behind the wheel of an automatic shifting transmission truck.
  • Pre-trip inspections — Identify common maintenance issues and review all required safety features before driving.
  • Safe operations — Practice backing, turning, hooking, and unhooking a 53-foot trailer from your truck.
  • Trip planning — Learn how to read maps, find the best route, and comply with Department of Transportation laws as you travel across the state or nation.

Learn all of these skills in a focused, welcoming environment. Our CDL training in Dunn can be accomplished in about a month and also comes with career services to prepare you for your driving career. Connect with top-name trucking companies to see who’s hiring in North Carolina.

Don’t let financial hardship prevent you from changing careers or starting your first career as a truck driver. At Roadmaster Drivers School, we offer financial assistance for those who qualify and connect students with tuition reimbursement opportunities from trucking companies. Reach out to see if you qualify for partial or full tuition assistance.

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Our Truck Driving School in Dunn

Head southwest of downtown Dunn to visit our truck driving school. Located just off U.S. Route 301, you can find our facility at the following address:

Roadmaster Drivers School of Dunn, NC
1100 S Clinton Ave
Dunn, NC 28334

Local: (910) 891-1344
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

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Enrolling in our truck driver school in Dunn offers many professional and personal opportunities. Dunn is located halfway between Florida and New York along Interstate 95, making it an ideal hub on this popular transportation route. It’s also a short distance from Raleigh, where Interstate 40 and Interstate 85 connect you with the Midwest and Southwest.

Take in the history, outdoor opportunities, and excellent food in and around Dunn. This city is home to the General William C. Lee Airborne Museum, Dunn-Erwin Rail Trail, and many local restaurants. Your new school location is a day trip away from Fayetteville, Raleigh, and other popular destinations in the state.

Train at a school that’s proud to be Military Friendly and part of many professional associations. Roadmaster Drivers School of North Carolina is a member of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, Truckload Carriers Association, and the Amazon Career Choice program.

Take a Virtual Tour

Curious about your CDL classes in Dunn? Take a virtual tour today to see the classrooms, driving area, and other parts of the facility where you’ll take the first step in your career. This convenient tour option gives you 360-degree views of the campus whenever you wish.

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