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Truck Driving School in St. Louis, MO!

Are you ready to train to start an exciting career as a truck driver? Here at Roadmaster Drivers School, we can help you get your CDL license in St. Louis, Missouri. After about 30 days in our program, you can test for your license and be qualified for an entry-level truck driving position! As truck drivers are in high demand, now is the perfect time to join this rewarding industry. Truck drivers make great salaries, have the ability to travel, and have the freedom to venture on their own. If you’re ready to jump into an exciting career as a truck driver, Roadmaster can help you make this dream a reality!

Every single second of every single day, goods are being carried by a truck. These trucks may hold food, essential medical supplies, and other important products. If you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of millions, a trucking career is waiting for you. Getting started as a truck driver is easy. Contact Roadmaster Drivers School today to receive high-quality CDL training in St. Louis!

How to Get a CDL in St. Louis

When you join our top-notch training program, you’ll work with seasoned instructors. Our team can help you become an exceptional truck driver.

Our CDL school in St. Louis includes:

  • In-depth experience driving a truck in real-world conditions
  • Pre-trip inspection training
  • Map reading, trip planning, and compliance according to Department of Transportation laws
  • Detailed instruction on turning, backing and hooking/unhooking
  • Guidance on how to use a 53-foot trailer
  • And more!

Advantages of a Becoming a Truck Driver

Millions of truck drivers around the world are experiencing the several perks of this rewarding career. Take a look at the many benefits this job provides:


Are you looking for a job where you work independently? If so, consider a career as a truck driver. While your boss will give you a destination, you can often choose your own route. If you prefer supervising yourself and living on your own terms, truck driving could be right for you!

Great Salary

This career path provides an excellent salary. In fact, the average pay for truck drivers is $58,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics!  Also, many drivers receive raises and promotions—sometimes within a few weeks of being hired!


Are you looking to make your own schedule? One of the biggest perks of a truck driver position is having the ability to work your own hours! Many employers will allow you to work nights, days, weekends, or any other desired schedule. Drivers also get some free time on the road, which allows you to explore different areas of our great country.

Several Benefits

After attending truck driver school in St. Louis and earning your license, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job! Once you secure employment—which our team helps you with—you’ll get to experience a fantastic salary with great benefits. These benefits can be extensive, but most companies offer paid time off, sick days, and a 401 retirement savings account. Also, most drivers get insurance coverage, which includes medical, dental, and life insurance.

Ability to Travel

There aren’t many professions out there that allow you to travel on a daily basis. But when it comes to truck driving, traveling will be your job! Not only will you get to see remarkable places on the drive, but you’ll also get to explore in your free time. This type of job allows you to see landmarks and destinations you’ve only dreamed about!

Working with a Purpose

Many people don’t work in positions where they actually make a difference in the lives of people around them. If you join the trucking industry, you’ll be working with a bigger purpose every single day. Not only will you be putting food on the table for your family, but you’ll also be helping to put food on the table for other families. Whether you’re carrying food, medical supplies, or other important products, truck driving gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

If you have any questions about truck driver benefits, contact Roadmaster Drivers School today!

Roadmaster Truck Driving School in St. Louis, Missouri

The city of St. Louis is a great place to attend truck driving school. Not only will you be a part of a thriving school with amazing instructors, but you’ll also be right in the heart of an incredible area. When you’re not attending your CDL classes in St. Louis, there is plenty to see and explore. Some notable attractions in the area include the Gateway Arch, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, and Forest Park.

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Our skilled team has helped more than 160,000 students advance in their careers as professional truck drivers! However, this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without our collaboration with the following associations:

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