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Truck Driving Schools in Missouri

Make the career change you deserve at a truck driving school in Missouri. At Roadmaster, you’ll find qualified instructors and modern training equipment to help you earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Find out how to get a CDL in Missouri and the benefits of enrolling in our training program.

How to Get a CDL in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Revenue follows federal entry-level driver requirements for commercial drivers. To earn your CDL license in Missouri, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold a valid Missouri driver’s license
  • Submit proof of residency and U.S. citizenship or lawful status
  • Pass the Department of Transportation medical examination and vision test
  • Complete vehicle inspection, on-road, and basic vehicle control tests

Review additional requirements before scheduling the CDL exam, such as required training for new applicants.

CDL skill and knowledge tests require you to have practical experience and classroom knowledge of commercial trucks as well as required training from a registered training provider. You should feel confident behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer before you take this important exam. Thankfully, Roadmaster Drivers School offers CDL training opportunities in your state.

At Roadmaster CDL school in Missouri, you can train to earn your CDL in about one month. Gain practical experience behind the wheel and in the classroom to take the CDL exam with confidence.

St. Louis, Missouri Truck Driving School

Learn how to become a commercial truck driver in St. Louis, MO. Our nearby location is close to Interstate 70, Interstate 270, and Interstate 44:

8000 Hall Street Lot One
St. Louis, MO 63147

Local: (314) 449-7866
Toll-Free: (800) 831-1300

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St. Louis is at the nation’s center and ideally located on several key transportation routes. The vibrant community, excellent restaurants, and plentiful shopping opportunities make it a welcoming location for your time off. Spend time at the City Museum, Missouri Botanical Garden, or Pelican Island Natural Area to unwind in between classes or hauls.

Our St. Louis location is a member of the  Truckload Carriers Association and the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. It qualifies as part of the Amazon Career Choice program for eligible employees.

Roadmaster st. Louis

CDL Training in Missouri

Pursue your passion and earn a competitive income after training at our truck driver school in Missouri. All Roadmaster Drivers School locations offer the following training features:

  • Pre-trip inspection training: Review all the steps necessary to prepare for a safe, compliant trip.
  • Automatic transmission driving: Drive a modern, automatic transmission tractor-trailer throughout your training program.
  • Logbook entry and trip planning: Prepare for these critical tasks while following Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Basic driving skills: Practice backing, hooking, unhooking, and turning a 53-foot trailer at our training facility.

CDL classes in Missouri blend classroom learning and hands-on experiences. This allows you to take the CDL exam knowledge and skills tests confidently. As a student, you’ll also have access to career services to connect you with top-name carriers operating in Missouri and around the nation.

Find out if you qualify for financial assistance to help pay for part or all of your training program. Our team can also help you reach out to carriers offering tuition reimbursement opportunities.

Apply to CDL School in Missouri Today

Whether you’re looking to change jobs or start your first career, truck driving is a rewarding option that offers competitive pay and benefits packages. Fill out the form below to start truck driving school in Missouri. Earn a Class A CDL in Missouri with the help of our expert team of training professionals.