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Roadmaster Is Helping CDL University Students

Find out how Roadmaster can help you!

Roadmaster Drivers School Is Ready To Help All CDL University Students!

As reported by KFOR News 4 and KOCO News 5, CDL University closed its doors on November 28, 2022 leaving many students who paid for tuition without the ability to complete training. Roadmaster Drivers School is stepping in to help! If you were unable to complete training as a result of the sudden closure at CDL University and have proof of recent enrollment, we will complete your training free of charge!  Or, if you recently completed training with CDL University and have a test scheduled with the state but need a truck and trailer for your test, we will provide that equipment for you.

Cdl university in oklahoma city, ok closing

Contact Roadmaster To Get Started

If you have been affected by the closing of CDL University, please call Roadmaster Drivers School at 1-800-831-1300 or fill out the form below, and an Admissions Advisor will contact you!