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Alternative Careers for Truck Drivers That Use Your Class A CDL

Having a Class A CDL opens a lot of doors to great careers. Most people think of truck driving jobs as one person traveling solo over the roads, delivering goods across the country. But those kinds of jobs aren’t the only options.

When you have a Class A CDL, you can get involved in many other types of employment. Here are just some alternative careers for truck drivers that a CDL can bring you.

Instructor or Driver Trainer

Once you have a Class A CDL and a few years of experience, you may want to focus on helping others get theirs. If that’s the case, we can always use more instructors at Roadmaster. Training new drivers can be one of the best alternative careers for truck drivers. It can give you a sense of purpose, a way to help other people, and a rewarding career you can enjoy for a long time.

Instructors at Roadmaster get great benefits, too. Wages are competitive, and you can get health, dental, and vision insurance. Whether you choose to work with us or not, getting a Class A CDL is an excellent first step toward choosing from the many alternative careers for truck drivers. The best part about an instructor position is that you will be home every night!

Team Driver

Some people want to use their CDL for truck driving, but they may not want to spend all their time on the road alone. It can be a difficult and stressful job at times, and it’s often easier when there’s some help and companionship. That’s why team driving can also be a good alternative career for truck drivers and allow them to enjoy their work more fully.

You can drive with a family member or friend or choose to get paired up through the company you’re driving for. Many companies link up drivers who have similar interests and beliefs and want to team drive instead of traveling alone. It’s an option that’s well worth considering if you want to stay behind the wheel, but you’re not enjoying so much solitary time.

Bus Driver

Driving a bus is among the popular alternative careers for truck drivers. A bus driver will need to have a CDL, although Class A is typically not required. A career driving a bus differs greatly from driving a truck, and the interaction with passengers may be what you’re looking for. Carrying passengers to local or faraway locations can create a sense of adventure and make it easier to enjoy your work. There are also shorter route options if you want to be home more frequently.

Many companies need bus drivers, too, including schools and large, national bus lines. Smaller companies that operate tour buses and shuttles also need drivers. When you have a CDL, it’s relatively easy to get these kinds of jobs. You already have the proper license, and the company won’t feel like they need to help you get licensed or wait for you to do so before you can start driving for them.

Delivery Driver

Depending on the kinds of deliveries you make and the company you work for, you may need a CDL to be a delivery driver, too. While Class A won’t typically be required, it’s better to have more than you need, instead of not enough. Delivery driving is among the most common alternative careers for truck drivers, and it can be a great way to stay behind the wheel if that’s what you enjoy.

Local and longer routes can give you the chance to interact with others and do a job you like a lot. Most delivery drivers are home every night, and those who aren’t are home frequently. If you enjoy people, driving, and seeing the local area, a delivery driver job may be a great choice for you.

Equipment Operator

If you want to drive heavy equipment, you may need a CDL. That depends on your state, and the requirements of the company you’re working for. If you’re looking for alternative careers for truck drivers, one of the best ones for staying local is operating heavy machinery. You won’t spend long hours away from home or be gone overnight, in most cases.

When you work with heavy equipment, you can still use your CDL and driving experience for a career you like. It’s an excellent way to keep your skills sharp and to enjoy all the little things you like about driving without spending all of your time in a truck. As you look for alternative options for your CDL and deciding on the kind of career you want, this one may be worth looking at more closely.

Get Started Training for Your New Career Today

If it’s time for a new career, you can get started on something you’ll enjoy. With so many alternative careers for truck drivers, there are great options for you to explore. If driving solo across the country isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean a CDL isn’t the right choice. You can focus on instructing others, driving buses or heavy equipment, and much more. Start your Class A CDL training with Roadmaster today!