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Werner Offering $100k Truck Driving Jobs

If you’re looking to break into an industry that pays well and has jobs open right now, now is the best time to get into truck driving. In fact, Werner Enterprises just announced a new dedicated account that pays experienced truck drivers $100,000 annually on average. Whether you’re new to this industry or a seasoned truck driver, you should look at the truck driving jobs offered by companies like Werner.

Getting a Truck Driving Job with Werner

If you’re not familiar with Werner Enterprises, this company is one of the five largest truckload carriers in the country. After succeeding in this industry for over 65 years, Werner now has more than 32,500 carriers, 8,000 trucks, and 13,000 employees. And currently, this company has a crucial need for truck drivers who are looking for a steady job that pays well. So, if you’re in search of well-paying truck driving jobs, you should consider applying for a job at Werner today.

The new dedicated account pays $100,000 per year on average for experienced drivers, but top performers can earn even more. Their income may be as much as $110,000 overall. In fact, over half of Werner’s drivers make more than $75,000 overall currently. And many are offered sign-on bonuses of up to $5,000 and guaranteed weekly pay of about $1,900, depending on the job.

Plus, when you work with Werner, you get access to lots of benefits that not every company offers. For example, you’ll get to drive newer vehicles, as the average tractor age is two years old. This means you’ll have the advantage of newer technology on the road, lower vehicle maintenance, and improved fuel efficiency. When you work with Werner, you may also be eligible for perks like tuition reimbursement while working for the company, health insurance, life insurance, 401k, employee stock purchase plans, and more. And you can choose from a variety of positions with Werner, including dedicated, regional, or OTR options.

Note that while Werner often hires Roadmaster graduates looking to start a truck driving career, the company’s current $100k truck driving jobs are only open to drivers who have at least 10 months of experience in this field. In particular, the new $100k account requires you to have 10 months of OTR experience, be at least 21 years old, and have a valid CDL-A license. You’ll also need to be able to lift heavy objects, as full unloading is required for this job. Additional requirements for the job include an acceptable driving record, good references from any past employers, and the ability to pass a DOT physical—including a drug test.

While most $100k truck driving jobs at Werner and similar companies do expect you to have at least several months of experience driving a truck, many are willing to hire recent graduates from truck driving schools. After all, there’s a current driver shortage, along with increased demand for items to be transported by truck, which means now is a great time to get into this industry and start learning what you need to know to get $100k truck driving jobs in the long run. Fortunately, learning what you need to know for this career is as simple as spending a few weeks at a qualified truck driving school like Roadmaster before you apply for jobs and start getting the experience needed for those well-paying positions.

How Roadmaster Drivers School Can Help You with $100k Truck Driving Jobs

If you’re brand new to truck driving—but are interested in getting started so you can eventually be eligible for $100k truck driving jobs—Roadmaster Drivers School can help. When you come to us for help with truck driving training, you can train to get a CDL-A in about a month. This ensures you’re prepared to take the test to get a license that you’ll need to have to enable you to get the experience needed to apply for $100k truck driving jobs. And while you’re training on our modern training equipment, we’ll work on helping you get pre-qualified for entry-level jobs before you even graduate from our school!

Not only do we work with several major carriers to help match our students with truck driving jobs, but we also offer in-house financing for tuition to those who qualify for it. So if you want a chance to train for a new career in about a month, look into Roadmaster today. We’ve been training students for over 30 years and have assisted more than 100,000 students to graduate and go on to get jobs with the employer of their choice. We’d love to do the same for you if you’re looking to train for a truck driving job!

If you’re interested in training to drive a truck across the state or country—and want a shot at the $100k truck driving jobs that are available—it’s time to get your CDL license and some training from a reputable school. Start your CDL training with Roadmaster today to be on your way to a great job!