Graduation Information

After completing a truck driver training courses, you will test for your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Those who pass the exam typically move on to apply to jobs. However, at Roadmaster, students work with our job placement department from day one. It’s very likely that a qualified student will get pre-hired while still in training!

  • Job Placement Assistance – Roadmaster’s Career Services teaches you how to fill out carrier applications and lets you choose from top-name carriers apply to. You’re free to apply to those carriers that fit the lifestyle you would like to live. After Roadmaster’s CDL training, you’re in control of your future!
  • Pre-hire – Carriers may respond to applications with offers even while trainees are still in school. You could very well sign on with a top-name trucking company in your first week of CDL training at Roadmaster! Pre-hiring is a way for carriers to ensure their partnerships with great drivers, and pre-hired drivers can finish classes with the next stage of their journey already planned out!

Roadmaster Graduate’s Facebook Group

Stay in touch with friends on the road through our dedicated Graduate’s Page on Facebook! The page helps graduates stay connected with each other and learn from other experienced CDL professionals who went through Roadmaster training, just like you!

Learning from drivers who have been part of the Professional Trucking Industry for a while is a way to better understand your career and the places you can take it to next.

The Graduate’s Page also posts interesting articles on trucking as well as funny memes and videos for truckers. Come to socialize, learn, or just have fun with other professional truck drivers!