Was taught skills in order to be knowledgeable on how to safely operate a commercial vehicle. Learned the maneuvers that would be tested on at the DMV as well as on the road. Friendly staff

James C.

Fontana, CA

Scary at first but got right to it earned my CDL in three in a half weeks

Michael M.


My experience was good. The instructors were great, they gave me a lot of pointers with the trailer. Without their help and pointing out things to me, I couldn't have passed my exam.

Tracy T.


My experience was great the instructors are hilarious they make you feel comfortable and are excellent teachers

Rodriguez P.


It was a great learning experience and I can't wait to get started working at Covenant Transport

Tavares A.

San Antonio,TX

They have a diverse collection of great instructors. They sincerely connect with each student. When one of us started struggling they quickly noticed and put extra effort into that student catching on. Best decision of my life to join Roadmaster hands down.

Joel M.


I loved every moment at Roadmaster. The instructors actually trained the students, the skills necessary to succeed in the trucking Industry. 5 stars for the entire staff at Roadmaster Memphis.

Marcus P.

I had a great experience everyone was great about making sure that you had the time to learn and even went out of their way to answer any questions that you asked to the best of their knowledge

Matt L.


They won't give up on you if you don't give up on you! Roadmaster trained, retrained and then kept supporting me right up until the finish line.

Judgina D.


Everyone was very approachable and open to give advice and assistance when students were having difficulties. Job placement was very impressive and quick with responses from companies within days.

Justin H.


The entire staff made me feel a sense of importance. At Roadmaster, I wasn't a student, I was FAMILY... 5 stars to you guys. Thanks for my new career

Marcus P.


Great group of instructors!! Blessed for the opportunity to be here

Donna T.


Very great and wonderful school all the instructors really help you out and make sure you understand everything

Ryan D.


Just like any school,you have to be willing to learn in order to succeed in life. Paying attention can be critical to one's ability to pass

Joe S.

Bethlehem, PA

Great school, great instructors. I managed to land a job with a smaller company being home every night paying $55k a year starting.

Matthew C.

Columbus, OH

Awesome school really great people that really go out of their way to help you change your lives. If they can help me they can help anyone.

Jimmie S.

Columbus, OH

Recently graduated, I'm really happy. The instructors are amazing. The staff is very nice and helpfull. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to change the future in less that 1 month.

Isa G.

Orlando, FL

It's good if you want to learn to become a truck driver.

Virgie K.

Jacksonville, FL

Roadmaster is an excellent school with high standards.

Donyvon M.

San Antonio, TX

Great place, good instructors that know what they are doing. They can teach you the basics that you need to get into the business. 

George S.

Columbus, OH

It's a great school. I just started two weeks ago and the instructors are great teachers even when you have a bad day

Cartier K.

Dunn, NC

The instructors are the best they will do all they can to help you i will miss them all dearly Roadmaster is a great school!!!

Sharon M.

Dunn, NC

I graduated from there... School is fantastic. All the instructors really get the job done.

Bubba B.


Overall I really enjoyed my experience, classroom learning and over the road. Definitely would rate the school 8 out of 10!!!!

Marcienda S.

Cleveland, OH

If you listen and study, you can ace the test like I did. Just keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself.

Crystal C.

Jacksonville, FL

Roadmaster has great instructors willing to take the time to help you learn. Good equipment also.

Michael M.


Great instructors and I promise you by the time you leave or even take your test you will learn how to drive and shift.

Terry H.