5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Truck Driving School

Now is the time to change gears and consider a career in trucking. Here are 5 things to look for when choosing a truck driving school.

5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Truck Driving School

Deciding to become a truck driver is one of the smartest decisions a person looking for a significant career change can make. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the day-to-day warehouse grind, or you’re not sure how to increase your annual salary without going back to school for a specialized degree. Whatever your reasoning, you can escape the standard 9 to 5 grind with a lucrative transition into trucking. Becoming a truck driver delivers a sense of freedom that’s unlike any other, especially for those who enjoy traveling and seeing many places.

The first step in your journey is to go to truck driving school. This will help prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to complete and pass your knowledge test and CDL Class A skills test. Not every school is the right fit for everyone, and likewise, not all truck driving schools are created equal. Read on to learn 5 things to look for when you’re choosing a truck driving school.

How to Choose a Truck Driving School

Several key factors can make the difference in choosing the best truck driving school for your new career. You want your overall educational experience to be thorough with plenty of classroom learning alongside real in-truck practical practice. More importantly, you want to feel you’re getting a great education for your money.

While this list is an impressive collection of criteria for selecting the best truck driving school for you, keep in mind that other factors may also apply. For more information, be sure to check us out at Roadmaster Drivers School.

Reputation for Quality

We’re often left to decide our livelihood’s fate based on external factors, mainly quality, that mesh well with our goals and personal values. We choose particular neighborhoods to live in based on nearby family members or a certain quality of life. We choose our friends based on a core set of common interests and shared beliefs. When choosing the best truck driving school for your needs, we apply the same criteria. The truck driving school you decide to dedicate yourself to should hold a shared love of training students, the goal of maintaining a high passing rate, and a successful track record of students who’ve successfully passed the course and found a job in the trucking industry. Nothing says “outstanding truck driving school” like actual students who’ve become successful truck drivers for local, regional, and nationwide routes. As for truck driving school locations, sometimes a quality school may not be in a location near you. Be careful not to let the distance of a truck driving school dictate your decision to attend or not. You’re preparing for a career that could potentially take you all over the country, so keep that in mind if the school you desire is further away from home than you initially anticipated.

If possible, reach out to former students who’ve completed the program you’re thinking about entering. Gauge the level of professionalism of the course instructors and ask about their overall learning experience. Try to steer clear schools that repeatedly receive critical reviews or comments, especially if they’re coming from the former students themselves. While it may be true that some students would’ve had issues no matter where they went, the adage goes; where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


Your truck driving school’s equipment should present a real-world representation of what you’re likely to encounter with carriers across the country. The equipment should be well-maintained, reasonably modern, and lack any important safety features or functions. Likewise, the instructors there should be completely proficient at explaining the ins and outs of the equipment that you’ll be using during your truck driving school experience. It does little good to echo safety protocols to students while showing them worn trucks with balding tires and dry rotted hoses.

Another important factor outside of the quality of the equipment is the quantity of the equipment. Be sure that you make sure your truck driving school has enough equipment to allow for adequate drive time and behind-the-wheel exposure. A truck driving school with great equipment does little to facilitate driving experience if there isn’t a good truck-to-student ratio.

Safety Culture

The safety culture and safety practices of any truck driving school are arguably the most important aspect of your new education. For example, students must learn about a truck and trailer’s space cushion—meaning the height and width clearance—to teach them about safe driving or loading and unloading practices. If course instructors aren’t adamant about proper safety practices and precautions, that mindset could start would-be truck drivers down a slippery slope.

Speaking of safety, at the time of this writing, the world is facing a pandemic. COVID-19 presents a multitude of challenges that need to be addressed to maintain safety and day-to-day operations. For example, here at Roadmaster Drivers School, we’ve reduced enrollments and class sizes, increased chair spacing in classrooms, and enlarged our safety zones, as well as reducing student/instructor ratios during practical road training. This allows us to continue providing CDL training while also taking as many precautions as possible to help students prepare for their new and exciting careers. With the pandemic is taking such a toll on the American economy, there’s no better time to seek out information for a recession-resistant business such as truck driving.

Student’s Best Interests

When you enroll in any education medium, you do so with the expectation of learning a desired skill or trade with optimal results, and truck driving school is no different. Roadmaster Drivers School is a school that has instructors ready to push continuously and motivates students to achieve success. Many people can teach, but a truck driving school with instructors that truly want to see students succeed is rarer than you might think.

We deliver real-world scenarios to help students feel prepared for what they may face out on the road. This dedication to student success has allowed us to open multiple locations all across the United States.


You’ve decided to join a truck driving school for a new and exciting career, but you’ve still got many questions. What do class schedules look like? How long does it take? How do you pay for it? These are questions that many potential students have, especially when it comes to financial aid. Many logistics carriers will reimburse up to the full cost of your truck driving school tuition monthly while you work with them. Having a CDL Class A is highly sought after since many drivers are retiring each day, paving the way for newer drivers to flourish in the booming trucking industry.

One of the great things about becoming a truck driver is that there’s an ever-increasing demand for drivers. Businesses of all types will always need dedicated ground transportation. Depending on which truck driving school you choose, you’ll have the potential for job placement alongside many networking opportunities.

Ready to get moving on your new career? Apply to the Roadmaster Drivers School today!