What is a pre-hire letter from a trucking company? It’s a letter from a carrier to a student that says you appear to meet their basic hiring requirements. Upon successful completion of your CDL training program, the carrier is inviting you to a company orientation that you can choose to accept or hold onto to compare with other carrier offers. Basically, a carrier is looking at your application and saying they like what you have and want to know more. Getting a pre-hire letter is exciting news!

Current CDL holders and truck driver trainees are both eligible to receive pre-hire letters. You don’t have to have a CDL to apply for positions, but pre-hire letters are only good to trainees if they complete courses and earn a CDL. While pre-hire letters are slightly different with each carrier, the message is always the same: you appear to fit the bill for the type of truck driver they’d like to hire.

Pre-hire letters are very similar to invitation letters, but are not a guarantee that you’re hired with the carrier. First, the carrier wants to invite you to an orientation so that you both can learn more about each other. The orientation is typically paid by the company and is a great way for interested drivers to experience the carrier’s operations before they decide to sign on. It will give you a firsthand look into a company before committing to it, which is a very big advantage!

What can you expect from orientation?

  • Learning more in-depth company policies
  • Seeing how the carrier treats and interacts with its employees
  • Meeting experienced company drivers
  • Having opportunities to make a positive impression on the carrier

The pre-hire letter is NOT a contract, and does not guarantee a job. Trainees who are pre-hired still have to pass all of the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements in addition to their CDL exam and meeting all carrier hiring criteria. But don’t let that take the wind out of your sails! Pre-hiring is a big deal, and carriers don’t take the risk on just anyone!

How do you get a pre-hire letter?

To get a pre-hire letter, you first have to submit applications for positions with carrier companies. Carriers will then review the application to determine if you are a good fit for their company. They aren’t going to waste the time and money to bring drivers to orientation if they don’t meet company standards. Roadmaster admissions can help with all this confusing stuff.

At Roadmaster, all trainees start the application process on day one. Working with our Job Placement assistance, trainees can choose to apply to a number of major carriers. Many carriers make frequent visits to Roadmaster’s CDL training schools to scope out the fresh talent and answer questions about their companies. Some trainees even receive a pre-hire letter in their first week of classes!

Pre-hire letters are based on the information that you’ve provided to the carrier in your application. It’s very important that you fill out the applications honestly and to the best of your knowledge. If you can, avoid guessing or rounding, and check every detail. When the carriers ultimately run background checks and driving histories, they’ll find out the details, and you’ll want them all to match up.

Tips for earning a pre-hire letter

  • Enroll in a comprehensive truck driver training school like Roadmaster, where you will learn essential skills and trucking know-how
  • Come prepared to learn and take the course seriously. Ask questions as often as you need and stay engaged in the class
  • Fill out carrier applications honestly and thoroughly, seeking help from job placement personnel if needed
  • Show interest and ask questions when carriers visit your CDL training school

Ready to jumpstart your career as a truck driver and increase your chances at earning a pre-hire letter? Chat with a Roadmaster representative or fill in the information below to get a conversation started. Carriers are hiring nationwide today!