Video Transcript:

You’ve seen me on the road. I take long trips cross country, and I get paid for it. I could work 365 days a year, though I have paid vacation time. Sometimes I bring my wife, kids, or even my dog to work. Sometimes I prefer just me and the open road. So who am I? I am a Roadmaster. 

I heard about the thousands of truck driver jobs available and the high demand to fill those jobs. I searched online to see who was the best at training and at job placement assistance. I found only one that can handle my driving ambition, Roadmaster Drivers School. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of graduates on the road, it was an easy pick. In just 16 days I professionally trained for my CDL license and started my career in the transportation industry and you can too. Invest your time. Choose your own road and let’s see where your driving ambition takes you.