Winter means a loss of hours for a lot of landscaping and lawn care related occupations. Instead of picking up odd jobs and waiting for the cold to pass this winter, consider earning your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), the first step to entering the ever-growing Professional Truck Driving Industry!

A career as a truck driver offers employees many benefits such as opportunities for advancement, travel, bonuses, and an excellent average starting salary. Most notably, though, Professional Truck Driving offers year-round hours. Never worry about getting hours or making money during the winter again!

The average starting salary for a Professional Truck Driver is $38,200 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that’s not all you could earn! Because carriers tend to calculate pay by mileage, truck drivers have the option to accept extra projects or extend distances to earn more money.

Most seasonal positions don’t include benefits for their employees. With Professional Truck Driving, however, drivers can look forward to paid vacation, sick days, 401k retirement, and insurances such as health, dental, and vision. Carriers also offer their employees specific perks that make earning extra money easier.

Where does it all start? A CDL training course with Roadmaster Drivers School prepares trainees for life on the road, equipping them with essential skills through comprehensive lessons and hands-on training. Roadmaster’s CDL course can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks, too!

After completion of the CDL course, graduates will test for their license and work with Roadmaster’s Placement Assistance program to obtain Industry positions. What’s more, pre-hires with major carriers are not only possible, they frequently happen at Roadmaster.

What are you waiting for? Contact Roadmaster today and never see another unpaid winter again! Introduce yourself by filling in the information below to get started.