It’s official! Truck Driver is the most common U.S. job by state according to an NPR report using Census Bureau data.

NPR’s graphic, shown above, illustrates the way truck driving has grown over the past 35+ years (spanning five different decades) across the country.

And there’s a good reason — actually, several good reasons — that professional truck drivers are in the top spot.

One of those reasons, according to NPR, is that “driving a truck has been immune” to globalization, which the site says is one “of the biggest trends affecting U.S. jobs.”

Basically, truck drivers enjoy built-in job security since their positions can’t be outsourced. Or, as NPR puts it, “A worker in China can’t drive a truck in Ohio.”

Despite the growing number of truck drivers in the U.S., though, there’s still a shortage of Class-A-CDL-licensed men and women to fill the many openings for the job.

That may not sound like great news, unless of course you’re a job seeker looking for a way to go from unemployed or underemployed to a solid career with job security, great pay and strong benefits. In that case, right now is the time to get the Class A CDL training that can help start you on your path toward success.

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For the full NPR story, check out their website right here.