Obtaining your CDL to start a career in the Professional Trucking Industry is already a hard enough challenge. Some people struggle to find the time to train while working at a full time job. Roadmaster Drivers School has developed a system for people like you.

How do weekend CDL training classes work? Our CDL training program is 160 hours. For those of you that work during the weekdays, it might be hard to find time in your busy schedule  to get out of that dead end job and train for a career to benefit you and your family. Roadmaster offers a weekend class that’s spread out over an 8 week program that runs 7am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. After 8 short weekends, you will be ready to leave that dead end job behind and start driving professionally.

If you can’t train on the weekends, what about night classes? Just like the previous answer, Roadmaster understands that weekday training hours might not work for everyone. With that in mind, Roadmaster started not only weekend CDL classes, but night classes as well. The night CDL class schedule runs weeknights and goes for 4 weeks straight. This is another great option for students who have to work around their current job while training for their Truck Driving career.

 Is night driving part of the training? If you think night driving practice time would be beneficial, Roadmaster offers night CDL classes where you would be able to transition from daylight to night driving. You will get a more intense amount of night driving once you start your new career with a carrier and their trainers.

For more information about Class A CDL training, please call Roadmaster Drivers School at 800-831-1300 and start your new career.