Are you thinking about pursuing a career as a security guard? A position in security doesn’t require a lot of training, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the average annual wage of security guards is $28,040 (or $13.48 an hour). But why not consider a position in the truck driving industry that has the potential to make a lot more?

A Class A CDL career doesn’t require extensive training or years of experience before you can reach success. Some trainees at Roadmaster Truck Driving School complete courses in as few as four weeks, and first year drivers can make $40,000 to $45,000!* And that doesn’t include the many bonuses and perks exclusive to CDL truck drivers.

In order for you to understand the earning potential of a truck driver and why you should consider CDL truck driving for a career path, let’s examine it with a career in security.

Higher Pay for Truck Drivers After Training

Security Guard: As we stated earlier, the average wage for a security guard is $13.48 an hour. The top end rate for a security guard is around $21.25 per the BLS, while some earn wages as low as $8.52 an hour. The unfortunate part is there isn’t a lot of room to move up in the security guard industry. Once you’ve reached the far end of the pay scale (around the annual wage of $42,000), you pretty much cap out. It’s difficult to find a security guard position that will pay as highly as this, and you will probably have to begin with a lower salary.

CDL Truck Driver: As an entry-level truck driver, you could make the top annual wage of a security guard in your first year of driving! On top of a great starting pay, a career as a Class A CDL truck driver offers many exclusive benefits and bonuses. Earn extra money through advantages like mileage bonuses, safety bonuses, fuel-efficiency bonuses, and layover pay amongst many others! After you spend a little time on the road you can apply to other positions that have the potential to make even more money. Become a team driver, a trainer, or an owner-operator of your own trucking service!

No Prior Experience Required

Security Guard: According to Security Guard Training HQ, you must be 18 years or older to be a certified security guard. You’ll also need to pass a criminal history background in addition to completing required security guard training. Program length and training requirements vary from state-to-state but are necessary to obtain a security license. Training length may also depend on whether or not you have previous law enforcement training.

CDL Truck Driver: Similar to security guards, truck drivers have to obtain a license before they are able to drive freight across the highways. You’ll need to pass your Class A CDL exam as well as have a clean driving history. You must be 18 years or older to drive a truck in your state and at least 21 to be able to drive between states. The good news is that with truck driving, your past driving experience has been training in itself for a trucking career. You already know how to drive a car, and we’ll teach you how to take those same skills and apply them to truck driving!

A Basic Schooling Period

Security Guard: Security training typically covers topics such as basic security techniques, report writing, and emergency procedures. ** The number of hours required of security guard trainees varies between each state, but Security Guard Training HQ gives California as an example, which requires a minimum of 40 hours of training.*** Your training length may also depend on prior law enforcement experience and the type of role you accept.

CDL Truck Driver: Roadmaster Truck Driving School trainees can complete their CDL courses in four weeks, and have the benefit of weekday, weeknight, and weekend course options. Roadmaster courses cover the essentials such as backing and coupling and the information needed to pass your CDL exam. Our industry-expert instructors work alongside students and prepare them to be successes in their critical roles as CDL truck drivers. Trainees also have the added benefit of Roadmaster’s Job Placement Assistance Program, which connects future truck drivers with some of the nation’s top carriers.

How to Get Your CDL License

Consider CDL truck driving as an alternative to a career as a security guard if you’re looking for great opportunities and job security! If you’re ready to discuss options for CDL training at one of our nation-wide locations, leave us some contact information or chat now with a representative. Why settle for less when there’s so much potential in the truck driving industry? Contact Roadmaster today!

*wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises