Roadmaster Spotlight: Graduates Page

Attention Roadmaster truck driver graduates! Now there’s a dedicated page on Facebook for you to come together, talk about your experiences, and grow as professional truck drivers! Currently, hundreds of members meet on the page and share unique insights to the Industry. If you’re looking for some expert advice or just want to share some thoughts out loud with other truck drivers, this is the perfect place!

Here are some ways for you to make the most of the Roadmaster Graduates page:

Stay connected with other Roadmaster graduates

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with fellow trainees after Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training is completed at Roadmaster. On the Graduates page, members can share their experiences with one another. Here you can discuss your schooling and keep up with classmates as you travel the country separately. Having friends that truly understand your work is an incredible benefit! Who else understands your daily struggles or adventures in the Professional Truck Driving Industry better?

What’s more, the Graduates page is a great place to share thoughts with Roadmaster! We can improve our courses by hearing the opinions of graduated trainees just like you.

Learn from other CDL Professionals

The Roadmaster Graduates page isn’t only for the recently graduated. Many experienced Roadmaster graduates also come to the page to share industry tips and advice with fellow drivers. Read breaking news, articles and information on the latest trucking jobs from knowledgeable Roadmaster truck driver graduates.

One of the greatest benefits of having access to the Roadmaster Graduates page is this professional insight. Why? It’s easier figuring out where you want your career to go when you can learn from the choices of other truck drivers. Discover where you want to be in the future by asking questions and listening to what other experienced truck drivers have to say about the Industry. This is an incredible way to learn about carriers and policies and to customize your career!

Have a little fun

It isn’t odd to see meme’s and interesting videos floating around the Roadmaster Graduates page. Along with connecting professional truck drivers together to discuss their careers, the page is a place to have fun with like-minded people. Facebook is all about sharing with others, and you’ll find uplifting stories, inspirational quotes and uplifting conversation shared by a great network of professionals.

Share your own truck driver success stories

Every day that you clock miles during your trucking job is another day of experience you can share with others. As time goes on, newer Roadmaster graduates will follow the page looking for answers to their trucking questions. Providing solutions and offering your unique insight to the Industry isn’t required, but it is encouraged. After all, everyone has to start somewhere and having advice from someone who was there not too long ago can be a big help. Post pictures with your truck or your training location and share your back story with peers!

Drop in on Roadmaster’s Graduate page the next time you’re on Facebook and see why it’s such an awesome benefit to members. Have your thoughts heard and share experiences in a friendly, professional network of Roadmaster truck driver graduates!