Roadmaster graduate Randall Gatesman has found a way to pass the time, spread positive messages, and encourage other professional truck drivers like himself. Randall the Trucker—Gatesman’s YouTube title—has only been on YouTube for a few weeks, but he’s already gained over a hundred subscribers.

We were able to chat with Randall and learn a little bit about his history and the future plans he has for his YouTube channel.


Randall graduated from high school in 2012 and began pursuing an associate degree for pharmacy shortly after. He worked at a distribution center in Ohio for two years and then as a pizza delivery driver until he earned his Class A CDL at Roadmaster in June of last year. “I guess you could say I went from pizza delivery driver to CDL driver,” he says. He chose to enroll in Roadmaster’s weekend truck driver training courses and earned his CDL after eight weekends.

Initially intending to sign on with Werner Enterprises, he agreed to sign on as a team driver with a friend at Covenant Transport instead. He wasn’t really sure if team driving was his preferred style of driving but he stuck with it for a few months. When he’d decided to go a different route, he was able to transfer through Covenant to Southern Refrigerated where he drives in an over-the-road solo position.

“I’ve been over here since November, and I love it!” he says.

Randall the Trucker and Super Truckers of America

“It’s really more of a hobby than anything.” Randall says about his video blogging. But how does a CDL truck driver get into video blogging in the first place?

“Well, it’s kind of a weird story how I got into it. There are some YouTubers that I became friends with, trying to make friends out here on the road, and we all started a group called Super Truckers of America. So I thought, well, I’ll start making videos, and I started doing them, and it became something I enjoyed doing. It’s fun to do and it passes the time, and you can really use things to pass the time out here.

“When I was younger, I used to love messing with computers, like editing and all that, and now that I actually have videos to edit, I could probably do something with that. It’s really more of a hobby than anything.

“When I first started looking into trucking, I Google searched and came across a lot of other YouTube truckers, and that’s how I really got into it. I don’t know what pushed me to finally do it, but I’ve done it. I’ve only been on YouTube for what, a month now, and I already have a hundred subscribers and I think like over a thousand views already. I didn’t expect any of this, and I’m hoping I come off as somewhat positive.”

Traveling With Randall

“Right now I’m doing a series called “Traveling with Randall.” I’m doing about one video a week. [Traveling with Randall] is kind of like here’s what’s going on with me out here on the road. I would like to do a video about trip-planning, I already did one on Roadmaster, I want to do one on Covenant Transport, not a negative one but a good one, but it changes everyday. You come across so many challenges and so many things every day. There are so many topics that can be videoed, it’s unbelievable. There are a lot of topics that have been beat to death by just about any YouTuber out there. And I’m sure I’ll be hitting those sometimes too, but I don’t want [my videos] to be another “…oh yeah, I already heard that from another guy.” I want to give something that really helps.

“I want my videos to be helpful and entertaining. I want to put some information in there, but I don’t want to make it all informational, you know?”

Randall’s tip to drivers: “Do your research,” Randall says. “Everybody’s different, one option that might fit me doesn’t fit everybody.”

To date, Randall’s has a total of nine videos on his YouTube channel with plans for many more. You can find Randall the Trucker on YouTube as well as Twitter. Follow along to hear his truck driving story as Randall travels across the country!