Roadmaster graduate Jacolby Hudson has come a long way in a short time. Jacolby went to welding school in Jacksonville, FL and completed service in the U.S. Army before he decided to give CDL truck driving a try. He graduated from the Roadmaster campus in Dunn, North Carolina just two years ago.

Jacolby’s YouTube Videos

Jacolby is quickly becoming a sensation online with his helpful trucking videos and first-hand industry advice. JacolbyDaTrucker is his YouTube handle and he’s created dozens of videos in the past couple of years. From tips to keeping your fuel cost low to backing a container into a warehouse, JacolbyDaTrucker gives newbies and unsure drivers a few tips and tricks to the trade.

Jacolby currently has 868 subscribers and 196,571 views since March 28th, 2014, and the number of views has gone up by hundreds in just the past few days!

What made you make your first video and share it with people?

“I was looking on YouTube and on how people were getting views on certain videos and reading the comments, and people want to see people backing, like the struggles you go through in backing and learning how to drive a semi, and I thought maybe I can help people. Or show people like is this something you wanna do?

“There are a lot of people that don’t put out good content, but I try to put out some that people are going to like and probably get an understanding of, and not nonsense.”

If you could give a younger Jacolby some advice, what would it be?

“Just pay attention to the things that you are doing in the military, like how to drive certain vehicles. Because, I mean, it really carries over because my time at Roadmaster, it was so easy. I didn’t struggle compared to other people. You know, some people end up staying an extra two or three weeks or having to come back. If I never drove those trucks [in the Army], I probably would’ve been struggling, too.”

Do you have any tips for those  interested in CDL truck driving as a career?

“In truck driving you can drive your own ship. You don’t have anybody over your back saying ‘do this’ or ‘do that.’ You control your hours, how much you want to run. If you want to see the world, and are trying to stay away from trouble, this is what I would do.

“I don’t think people understand that. Back home, I try to tell a lot of people, I know you’re tired of working in these warehouse and factory jobs, they only pay you like $500-$600 a week and it’s hard labor. And I think the biggest thing with them is that they’re scared of the truck and for being out for so long, and they don’t know what to expect. But I don’t think it gets much easier than this. You can’t go anywhere but to the top with this. There are too many opportunities right here.”

What’s in the future for JacolbyDaTrucker?

“I say on down the road I look to have a couple of trucks. I think I do okay now, since I’m a lease operator, I mean. I have an understanding of the industry and a lot of things work now, so I think on down the road I might not be driving, but I might have a couple of drivers under myself.

“I’m just trying to keep moving forward or keep this truck running. I have like 17 months left on this truck, so, you know if I survive this, I think I’m going to go home and take my money and go to a freight-line dealership and get my own truck.”

If you’re interested in Jacolby’s journey, follow his videos on YouTube and check back on our blog for update articles. If you’re thinking of becoming a professional truck driver yourself, contact Roadmaster today to see options for local CDL training in your area!