14 years ago as I ended my time in the Army, I took a chance on doing something I had been interested in since I was a kid. I decided to get my CDL so that I could drive trucks, much like I had been doing in the Army. I started school at Roadmaster in the dead of winter. Let me tell you, that is a great time to go to school! Smaller classes, more time behind the wheel and you get to learn some winter driving basics while you’re in school and not on the road alone. I had a great time and great instructors with a ton of real world knowledge and patience.

I really didn’t plan on driving over the road at the time, but was interested in more local jobs and got my class A just for the flexibility it offered. I worked local, gaining experience and knowledge for quite a few years. Then I fell into a job that was a mix of local, and long haul. I spent the first year there getting to adjusted to the differences in lifestyle that long haul work afford me. I was also given the chance to train other drivers for the same company. In my second year there I was asked to go full time OTR as a tour driver. 

I spent the next couple of years driving across 49 States and almost all of Canada, and doing most of it in the winter. I was given an opportunity to drive the Alaskan Highway, not something a lot of drivers get a chance to do. I have driven some of the most beautiful highways that North America has to offer. I have learned so much from other drivers in simple day to day actions and encounters and met some of the neatest people because of my job. 

I have since moved on to running a flatbed with a new company so that I can spend more time at home with my family. But I would love to be able to step into a position where I could train drivers so that they can safely enjoy the road as much as I have.

I owe it all to taking that first step and calling Roadmaster to get my CDL.