Puerto Rico Relief Efforts


Puerto Rico is barely four weeks out from the landfall of Hurricane Maria and the situation could hardly be worse for the 3.4 million American citizens residing there. People are resorting to drinking from contaminated wells. The government hopes to have 95% of the power grid back up by December at the earliest.  Doctors are struggling to treat patients without basic supplies, power or water available.


Just as we all came together to help Texas and Florida after Harvey and Irma, Puerto Rico needs the help of its fellow Americans. With Roadmaster’s corporate headquarters in St Petersburg and schools in Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, we were well aware how lucky and blessed we were to live in a country that takes care of its own. In that same spirit, Roadmaster partnered with Barnes Supply to deliver 38,000 bottles of water to a C-130 making a supply run to San Juan.


With this water generously donated to relief efforts Roadmaster’s Operation Freedom truck hauled the supplies from Orlando to Homeland Intelligence Technologies in Tampa. We hope that others who are able to will also give. Some days still reach highs of 95 degrees on the Caribbean island, without the luxury of air conditioning or even clean running water to stave it off. Please join Roadmaster in providing lifesaving aid and comfort to our fellow Puerto Ricans. The American spirit is strong and we stand together as one.

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